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    I now have my new 40" MES with RF, vent on top left, and large water pan. Did my burn in yesterday and all went as planned. Today did my first test of my MB and the 3 row pellet tray. My MB has 3 1/2" holes at bottom of door  and 1 at the top. I put 2 2x3 blocks of wood on the bottom of the box to make it sit straight and to have air access from the original holes that are in the box. Today has been very windy to say the least 15 to 20 mph.  I microwaved apple pellet for 1 min stirred them and then another 45 sec. I lite pellets with propane and the used a heat gun waited between 5-10 min. and blew out flame. Worked like a charm.  I got 9 hours with wind and only filled last row 3/4. I am very pleased. I took some IR temps the last hour. The box on the sides was 131 degrees and the exit elbow and the next tube were 98 Degrees. This site has been so much help in building the MB. I will say without hesitation that if you follow the people on this site you will have a great start. Now I can get back to smoking my BBQ stuff and cold smoke as well. I also have the new 18" tube as well and it also burns well.
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    Glad to hear you have everything going good.

    Looking forward to seeing some Q view of your smokes!


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