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The A-MAZE-N will provide a continuous "thin blue smoke" regardless of the temperature. It is not dependent on an element cycling on-off as in an electric smoker. Also you can "cold smoke" using it. Great for cheese, garlic, onions etc. as it does not generate much heat.
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Just orderd mine the other day and it is supposed to be here today!  I cannot wait, I feel like it is Christmas time.  It will be nice to not have to add chips to my MES all the time...


I have used it several times with Hicory. This unit is an AMAZIN smoker.  
Hickory is the main dust I use.  However on my last cheese I used Cherry and it was great also...

The good thing is you can have all kinds of dust on hand and not take up a ton of space.  Todd has many great flavors available so I recomend getting some of each. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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