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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by topcop821, Sep 14, 2013.

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    Have been using the iron smoke pan in my Brinkman but am not satisfied with the amount of smoke it produces with this limited amount of chips. Been thinking of using a 9" aluminum pie pan,,,any thoughts on this?

    Usually soak the chips for several hours prior to putting them over the fire and fill the box to max. I do end up with decent smoke flavor  but i would like a little more
  2. flash

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    I won't think an aluminum pan would last long. Chunks would be better and do not wet them. I actually place a pineapple juice can, with punched holes right down on top of my burner. Plenty of smoke. Remember you do not want a heavy smoke.

    Good smoke on right.
  3. timberjet

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    Not knowing which brinkman you have it is hard to give advice. I had an ECB with A gas burner for many moons and I used A coffee can with chunks propped up at A 45 degree angle covered by foil with several holes punched in the foil. It worked beautifully and the wood chunks end up to be perfect charcoal after they stop putting out smoke. Now have you ever just made A foil pouch for chips or pellets well sealed with some knife slits in it? Same outcome. In my opinion makes your wood last longer and gets every last drop of smoke out of it without flare ups and such. Just some ideas. I like lots of smoke and am always trying new things to achieve such ends to my endeavors. Happy smokin......and ditto on not soaking wood. No need.
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