ailing elec smoker

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larry maddock

Master of the Pit
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Sep 27, 2005
yo y'all,
my elec.smoker recieved a whipping from
straight line tornadic winds and rain.

it was blown several feet and knocked over.
the cover came off. :o

the unit will only go to 150 degrees now. :cry:

my wood chips will not get smoking. :cry:

the installed cheapy thermometer went to heaven. :roll:

any ideas??
Sounds like you lost one "leg" of your heating element. I am not familiar with your specific unit but my guess is that, if possible you replace the damaged "leg" of your heating element or, if it is a one piece unit, the whole shebang might have to go and a new and complete heating assembly be installed.
Just my take,
Yo Larry,
I agree with Monty. But before spending a whole lot on fixing the unit, you might want to consider the trade-off with a new one ..... perhaps a GOSM???? Anyway, good luck with the resolution of the problem and please do keep us posted. We can all learn from your expreience.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune...I did a little snooping around the char-broil site.. and they only list 2 electric smokers there...and the parts diagrams in the assembly manuals show a single heating element....sooooo...if you are able to get some heat out of the just might be that the thermostat has seen better dry prices were listed for replacement parts...but like Florida Bill says...this might be the time to think about movin on up....hope this helps ya...Good Luck..

YO Larry,

This is a direct quote from CharBroil's question and answer center (Q. My cooking grate is chipped or peeling and I think I may have swallowed a piece of porcelain or chrome plating
A. We are sorry that your cooking grate has chipped or peeled and that someone may have ingested a piece of the coating. To put your mind at rest, the material that is used in both the porcelain coating as well as the chrome plating exceeds the Food and Drug Administrations specifications for material that comes in contact with a cooking surface for food consumed by human beings.

Please contact our Warranty Call Center (1-800-241-7548) for replacements under Warranty if applicable or our Grill Loverâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s at for replacements out of warranty.)

However, If you have your model & Serial #'s I can probably help you get your grill going again.
Broken smoker parts = brand new bigger smoker. That is the unwritten smokers rule. It also goes for cars, boats, all mens toys. To keep peace make sure she has no problem with you getting a new smoker, or you may be spending the night in the yard keeping the smoker company.

Just my $.02. Still looking to get a new smoker to replace the ECB, but mama is weaking.
yo y'all,
mama says
no pinky ring for her--
no new smoker for me.

thanks to all who replied for all the info and inspiration!!

o.k. here goes a laugh on me--

i was so ignorant about SMOKING sausages
and smoke cooking meats when i first used
my electric char-broil. [my first smoker]---
[this was bought for my sausage hobby]

i called to complain to warranty customer service--
that my unit would only go to 246 degrees--
how could i grill meats at this low temperature??

they sent me a new element and thermostat under full warranty.

is this one of the times they mean when they say---
ignorance is bliss ???

i luv icemn62's rules for men---
broken parts means new and bigger replacements.

i will reserve telling my honey this for the time being.
yo ,
its sat 7/15/06

ive replaced element and have new therostat.
thats the whole heating system.

im putting on rib tips and turkey legs this morning.

i need to feed my smoke habit--NOW!!

my pobazza and bigwheels brats along with
some smoked sausage is coming soon.

it will only be about 12 lbs total.
i think thats about all my 2 smoking racks wiil hold

while letting my smoker cool down i will be getting
my grinder and seasonings ready.
yo yall,

due to honeys schedule.

[i may be captain of the ship,
but the admiral inspects me frequenly]

anyhow the st.louis area
took a bad hit weatherwise
earlier this week.

mysmoker was blown about 30 / 35 feet,
cover held to tube and top.
my electric parts are in the bottom.

it somehow found the deepest puddle to rest in.

i havent tried it yet.

this is same stuff that wiped me out in june.

wish me luck as i will trymy unit sunday.

as i write this ,
i am getting wally worlds # and calling about
gosms ,and if they are in stock.

im thinking of tuna for lunch today and tomorrow,
so i can put empty cans under legs as drip pans.

suasage will have to wait.
i wont grind before im SURE i can smoke
1 day after i put in casings.

maybe a meatloaf ???? it can go in oven if my unit wont work. [will cook while going to wally world]

my propane tank [for turkey fryer] in at my apt.
so it will take a while.

luckily a bougt a vcr at garage sale this morning.
hers broke 2 weeks ago.
i will keep it hidden till i see if my unit works.

if i have to go to wally world---i will bring in vcr when i bring in new smoker.-----
hopefully i can float it by her.
glad you're up and running, if you couldn't get a replacement part I was going to suggest saving for like smoked cheese and other cold smoke stuff.
Geez, Larry, seems like all your luck has been bad. All I can say is good luck on all fronts.

If you do go to the GOSM I know you will like it. Fell in love with mine and have mostly had excellent results. Except when I forgot about it and turned a bunch of bottom round into charcoal.

As soon as the weather cools a bit I plan on doing several runs of sausage and will also put up some fatties in the freezer for later.

And just a suggestion, buy an extra gas tank. You will be glad, very glad, that you did!

Good luck, brother!
yo yall,
mon 7/24/06
i use my unit yesterday.
unit would only goes to 210/215 degrees.
i still got DELUXE results from 6 lb butt.
chicken leg quarters went to delicious.
store bought, house brand, brats was just ok.
my sausage beats these like way way cool.

i did tear off aluminum foil that i had wrapped around tube [for insulation in winter]
it was 90 degrees .
IT already was torn from the storm.
maybe this caused some heat loss??

anyhow im smoking again.
Glad you finally got to get your smoke fix taken care of. By the end of the week, I will be liting up a chimney of charcoal just so I can smell the smoke.
Sorry about your luck, but always glad to hear the old smoker still works. Good luck with everything
Hey Larry,

If you're smoker ain't already got a name, you should call her Timex. :D

She takes a likin and keeps on tickin :P is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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