Aftermarket Replacement for Luisianna Grill PID

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Oct 19, 2022
I have a Louisianna Grill Pro Series barrel smoker with a Cold Smoke Cabinet attached to the side (It came that way, not my customization.) I have replaced the PID twice and continue to run into the same problem. Whenever the built-in thermometer gets a little residue on it the PID goes to error and stops working shutting off the smoker. I have cleaned everything out steal wooled the thermometer and tried longer smokes like turkey and brisket. About 2 hours into the cook, the PID goes to error and will not function properly again until I cool it down and reclean the burn pit and clean the thermometer.
I actually bought a vertical Pitboss that I am now using for most things which is great, but for more oversized items and for Cold Smoke I would really like to use the original smoker.

Has anyone found an after-market PID that will work on the Louisianna Grill Smokers? I would love to have Wifi and BlueTooth, but I will take anything that works.

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