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Advice on which 30” MES to buy that works with AMNPS


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I posted a thread a while back asking for advice, and the common trend was to get a gen 2.5 MES 40”.

I understand the reasoning but the fact is that I’m just starting this hobby and 99% of the time it’s my wife and I, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever do a whole brisket and I don’t mind cutting ribs in half to make them fit a 30”. Additionally, the lifetime of these smokers seem to be 3/4 years, so in the event I’m still smoking when this smoker dies, I will likely upgrade at that point.

I know I want something that can use an AMNPS and I see conflicting advice on the forums on which MES30 will work. Apparently the gen 1 fits the pellet smoker fine but other newer ones may have issues.

can anyone direct me to some links for 30” smokers that will work with the AMNPS? Ideally I would like to put the AMNPS inside the smoker so there’s no need to do a mailbox mod, etc. Reason being is the smoker will be outside and not protected from the elements (except a cover on the smoker), so I’d rather not have to take the mailbox mod on/off when I’m done with it.

Plug and play + cheap is what I’m looking for, so buying a 30” MES with the AMNPS seems like the correct route for me at this time.

appreciate any advice, links, or suggestions!


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It should work in any 30". Its just a matter of putting it on a lower location, rack etc. and make a tin foil tent to keep drippings out. Sometimes I use the left side without rack and other times I use the lower rack and put it on the right side with same type of cover. My MES 30"



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amnps trays don't work in all mes 30, yes they fit no problem on the lower left on the two bars, I tried everything to get mine to stay lit in my mes 30, nothing I did would keep it lit. I had to go to the mailbox mod now no problems. so you might be one of the lucky ones where it will stay lit inside yours. give it a shot, just make sure your top vent is wide open pull the chip loader out an inch or two to give it more air, don't put water in your water pan. microwave your pellets for 2 minutes to dry them out. and as pas said tent it with tin foil. worse comes to worse you can always go with mailbox, very simple to do. check out bearcarvers step by steps he might have some info on the 30's there.


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6" tube with ubolt mod filled with crushed/ground pellets fits in the bottom left corner of the 30" MES.Click on the link in my signature to see what I mean.

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