Adding Probes to the GOSM

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mark g

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May 28, 2007
i am interested in adding more temperature probes to my GOSM. there are two reasons: the first is that the thermometer on the door seems very inaccurate (to the point of me not really wanting to rely on it) and also i lost the little washers that hold it in the door (power washer blew 'em away). so i'm thinking i could stop up the two smaller outer holes buy a more reliable probe and put it in the center hole on the front of the door.

then, i would like to have another probe going into another wall of the GOSM. i just got dual-probe thermometer (one for meat, other for smoker temp). where would be the best place to put the second probe (middle of side, poking down from top, top of one side)? and can i just drill a hole through the side and stick the probe through? i know some probes say not to let them touch metal...should i just run the probe wire through and mount the probe inside somehow, using a clip or something?

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Mark, you do not have to get too fancy with the temp probes.

Drop them through the top vent. Have you visited the recent revival of my post "Rainy Day Solution"? It is under Propane Smokers. Check out the thermometer arrangement in the pic.

If you are going to drop a temp probe into the smoker I would have it about in the same position as the door thermo. That position is designed to give an average temp in the smoker. There will be variations throughout the smoker in temp due to all sorts of reasons.

If you should decide to properly reinstall your original GOSM thermometer it is adjustable and the process in outlined very simply in your owner's manual.

Hope this helps!

I use three or four digital thermometers at a time with all cables going through the top vent.

I position the probe on my smoker temparature thermometer at the level where the water pan is placed.

I found that the door thermometer is very close to the digital thermometer, though the digital one reacts faster to temparature fluctuations.

The cables on the meat thermometers are postioned at the front so they can be removed more readily than when I tried running along the back of the smoker.
i did see the other posts about running the probe through the top, i was just thinking more about what to attach the probe to INSIDE the smoker, if i'm only going to be using 1 probe for the meat. a little clip of some kind? is using metal-to-metal-to-probe dangerous? the potato idea is good, but i want something more permanent. if i make a little holder out of a piece of wood, it won't burn up will it? thanks for all the suggestions!

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