ABT's (Atomic Buffalo Turds)

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by soflaquer, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Lady J, I've had some success with the yellow banana pepper. My problem in smoking them was leaving them in the 3 hours like the jalapeno's. The banana peppers are rather then fleshed and don't require the length of time has the jalapeno. I think that next time I'll precook the sausage or warm a fattie and only go 1 1/2 hours with the smoke.

    Scott, normally reading these posts makes me hungry too, but today I'm reading them while eating a late breakfast! :mrgreen:
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    Earl that was only one pepper... this is what I empovised when faced with cooking for a crowd and only a 12 hole pepper rack:


    Scott that sounds like a great improvement over the traditional, rather bland, stuffed bell. 8)
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    Bob, those look great, I know what you mean by cooking for a crowd, heck, the wife and I can eat a dozen (or more) peppers by ourselves. :roll: OK, she eats 3 or 4 and I eat the rest. BEAR
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    Lady J, If you have the space for a garden, Henry Fields Seeds and Nursery offers a jalapeno pepper called "Fooled You". They claim that this pepper has NO HEAT. You can request a catalog or order on line~however, the "Fooled You" jalapenos are not listed in the catalog-only on the website.
  5. Jeff - how about it - what do I put in these little buggers? can't wait to try them on the next cook!
  6. After reading this thread I went ahead and tried them.
    I ended up with about 30 jalapenos and a half dozen of the banana peppers. I also made up my own rack out of coat hangers welded together which ended up being the perfect size for the amount I was smoking.

    *NOTE... if you use coat hangers, make sure to use sandpaper to take off the coating that the hanger is sprayed with before using it for the first time.

    I filled them with some breakfast sausage mixed with colby/jack cheese and of course sprinkled in some of Jeff's rub. Topped them off with 1/3 bacon slice.

    Only problems I had was since I mixed the cheese in with the sausage it tended to melt and drip out of the pepper and end up on the floor of the smoker, I think next time Ill just stuff it with sausage and then put the cheese in the very top before covering with the bacon. The other problem I had was the bacon ended up black and crispy, I dont really like it that way so Ill have to smoke them at a lower temp I guess.

    At any rate they were very tasty, and I even got a offer to do a couple dozen for some of the co-workers.
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    Can you post a picture of your wire rack? Sounds interesting and it may give me some ideas. 8)
  8. Heres a pic...

    Like I said its made of coat hangers, not real pretty, but it definetly gets the job done. I can fit 36 jalapenos and a dozen large anaheim banana peppers on it no problem. I figure it would hold 6 dozen jalapenos in all.

    never measured the thing just eyeballed the distance between the wires and went for it.
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    Not being to picture your rack when it is loaded. can you take a picture of it the next time you fill er up?. also since I am NOT handy, any chance of some type of plans to make this myself?
  10. Shoot...I just did 3 dozen jalapenos yesterday, I thought about snapping a pic of it loaded but never did.

    Next time I will take a pic for sure, it is amazingly simple, basically you load the peppers in the long rows and the toothpicks keep them from falling.

    I guess I could also take a few measurements, really not that hard to put together. I have a mig welder I use for working on cars, but Im certain one could be assembled without welding (use safety wire)
  11. bob-bqn

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    That looks simple and effective. 8)

    I imagined several wire loops to hold the peppers but I can see how suspending them by the toothpicks works now that you've pictured your rack.

    Very clever idea! :D
  12. one more thing...
    If you are smoking jalapenos only then the rack doesnt need to be as tall, I made mine taller so it will also hold banana peppers without them touching the grill.
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    I did a batch today, and went with the old fashioned way of laying them on the grill. cored out about 10 peppers, stuffed with a fatty and cheese mixtrue, and wraped them with bacon. Kids love em, I wish I could figure a way to smoke bacon every morning, but that is not effective timewise....
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    I don't think I ever posted this, but I don't have a fancy pepper holder, so I improvised a few weeks ago. Been too busy eating to post pictures. :)

    I like my dog, so he gets smoked bones when I fire up the smoker. I generally line them up under some meat. He likes it, so I figured this is a win-win.

    wait... still working on getting the picture up. It's 246KB, but I'm getting an error that says "Sorry, you have reached your maximum upload quota limit of 500 KB. Does that mean 500KB total of all posts ever?


    This sucks. Is there no way to post a picture once you've reached the limit?
  15. I've been inspired by the pics I've seen of the jap grills and a lightning bolt hit..... what about using a cooling rack for cookies/cakes with fold out feet? I have 2 and the legs hinge out so you can stack them on top of each other. Just a thought and, I really look forward to trying these ABT's soon. BTW, has anyone tried to stuff pasilla peppers? Just a thought :) and I'd love any feedback. Daun
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    i built me a pepper rack a couple of weeks ago at work. i took the food rack out of my old retired LP grill (i have used alot of parts off of it for my smoker). i welded up a frame out of 1" angle iron, welded the rack in it. made 4 legs out of 1" square tubing and welded them to it. i then took the plasma cutter, and cut every other wire out of the rack. the peppers fit in it nicely, with the toothepicks holding the peppers from falling thru. i made it ~8" high, so it will fit over a rack of ribs, or other low profile item. i have been placing my fatties under it.
  18. Very nice rack Chris!
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    thanks, it works very well. however, nice fat peppers don't fit down in it. i just set them right next to each other. i have had 32 peppers on it at one time, and still had room for more. best part is it cost me nothing. i had gotten the old grill for free, and the rest i got from work. just a bit of my time, while i was goofing off at work. took maybe 10 minutes to build it.
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    I can see that exploring this site will require a proper smoker and may become a whole new obsession...


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