ABT's (Atomic Buffalo Turds)

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Jul 3, 2005
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For new members who were wondering about ABT's, I wanted to offer this post and pictures. BTW, DO NOT try the Habeneros (that was an experiment), unless you don't like feeling your lips for 30 min.!!!! Yes, I ate one.......................ONE!

They are basically stuffed Jalapeno peppers that are cooked in the smoker. They can be stuffed with a multitude of items from cheese, sausage to seafood. Topped with partially cooked bacon held in place by a toothpick. Core the Jap with a potato pealer or apple corer and rinse it free of any seeds. Dependant on the stuffing, they can be filled by using a cake decorating tool or cookie press. Top it with a 1/2 to 1/3 slice of partially cooked bacon (just enough to get it "wimpy", as my wife says). Poke a small hole with a toothpick in the bottom of the Pepper. Place it in a "Chile Grill" or lay them in a vegetable grill rack. If you want to know where to get a Chile Grill, PM me. Put them in your smoker for 3 Hours at 210 - 225*.

These are some of the best snack foods you can get when entertaining guests and waiting for the meat to finish on the Pit. I'll try to post my Cream Cheese/4 Mexican Cheese stuffing later.

Try 'em..............you'll love 'em!



Outstanding post, Jeff!

Thanks for the pictures.. you know what they say about pictures being worth a thousand words :P
This is absolutely one of the greatest tips that I picked up here! I have'nt fired up the smoker even once, without including a few dozen ABT's and a fattie or two!

Great pics! I'm curious about the tray/holder. Where can I get one? I'm aways looking for ways to keep the peppers upright and the filling inside. This is the best I've seen. Is it home-made or available commercially?

Brian in Ohio
Yes, the "Chili Grill" is available commercially by on-line order. They are 100% Stainless Steel and made by a company out of Texas. They come in an array of sizes and shapes.

To order one, go to: www.irondesert.com

Click on the Chile Grill picture on the home page. Be sure to check the dimensions when ordering! The first one I got was in the shape of a Chile Pepper and would hold 36 ABT's. Only to find out that it was too big for my at Home smoker. Great guys that they are...........they immediately shipped me another at no charge, prior to retuning the oversized one. Now THAT'S customer service!

I have no interst in this company - I'm only touting a great product!

They also make filling the little buggers alot easier when they're upright in the stand!

Hope this helps!

Wow, excellent pictures. I have made these several times using your, or at least the recipe you shared with us and I always wrapped the bacon around the whole pepper. I still feel like I will do that since I love bacon but It's nice to know how your doing it. I'm already desinging my own chili grill like you show here for my own use. Working in a CNC machine shop you have that advantage. Thanks again.
Nice Photo, Crazy!
I made some with my ribs this weekend and they turned out fabulous. I don't have a chili grill either and the first time I tried these the filling seeped out. I modified my approach by cutting a thin wedge along the side of the pepper leaving me with a sort of mini "canoe" effect. Clean out the core & seeds with the back of a baby spoon and leave the tops attached. It works really well and the stem gives me something to hold them with.

The "Chili Grill" rules. I have been using one for about two years now. I started with the 12 pepper size, and I'm now using the 24 pepper size. I got tired of fixing them and there not being any left for me to eat.

I have given several as presents to family and friends that liked them. There are several companies on the internet selling them. Just google "chili grill". The ingredient list for stuffing is endless.
Jeff (SoFlaQuer), Those ABT's look interesting. Besides smoking, my other culinary love is Dutch Oven cooking and competition and this year the meat of choice is beef (last year it was pork). My Bride and I are working on a chipotle rubbed tri-tip roast for our next Dutch Oven cook-off competition and these ABTâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s may fill the bill for the perfect garnish.
If you are planning on making a pot of chili for your guests save the "insides" of the jalapenos for the chili. The seeds add the best heat and tend to hold up longer over the "life" of the chili. They do not "cook out" over time and stay with the chili for flavor and heat.
Let me know how the tri-tip w/ Chipotle rub comes out, I'd be interested in trying it. I was unaware there were competitions for Dutch Oven cooking? Is it a big circuit or local?

I love stuffed peppers (ABT's) and make then all the time.

This was my first Chile Grill:

But I quickly found it to make too few for my family and a good friend sent me this one:

When I need more than my grills can hold I tried the more traditional ABT style:

But my goto method for cooking mass quantities is using screwers. This method allows for increased numbers of peppers to be cooked at a time:

Using the "bricks & sticks" method I have cooked 8 dozen at a time (cause that's all the big peppers I could find
Jeff, Dutch Oven competitions have been common here in the west. They are often held in conjunction with another event (Town days, County and State fairs, 4th of July Celebrations, etc.) but they are gaining in popularity.

In the last several years I have seen Dutch Oven Chapters forming all across the U.S, there are also DO chapters in Australia, Canada and Japan. The Chapters often hold DOGs (Dutch Oven Gatherings [Pot Luck Dinners in DOâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s]).

In the past when you won a cook-off there was a very good chance that you would go to the World Championship. Now, the 1st place winners of an IDOS sanctioned Cook-off enter a drawing to see if they get to go to the World Championship. The International Dutch Oven Society World Championship Cook-off is held in conjunction with the Sportsman Expo. each Spring here in Salt Lake.

Check out the IDOS website at www.idos.org.
Earl D-

I recently discovered that a Dutch Oven was not the old cast iron “stew pot†that I grew up with. I think it is a common mistake because if you Google “cast iron Dutch Ovenâ€, you get both flat top DO and stew pots.

The reason my interest is a friend uses cast iron stew pots in his smoker to make stews and also cobblers, and he was calling them Dutch Ovens. I was searching for, what I thought was a Dutch Oven and made the discovery of cooking with Dutch Ovens and that Utah was a big area for Dutch Oven cooking.

It must really be an art to use coals to heat the Dutch Oven, and know when to place them on the flat top or around the bottom or both.


P. S. I luckily, did not order a new cast iron stew pot. I found one in the back of my pot cabinet that I had forgot I had. LOL
Remember that big ol' cast iron pot with a domed lid that Grandma used to fry chicken or cook a pot roast in? That is your traditional Dutch Oven.

What we use in Dutch Oven cooking is really refered to as a Camp Oven-Cast Iron pot with a flanged lid to hold charcoal briquettes or coals from a log fire and three short legs on the bottom that allows you to place briquettes or coals underneath it.

I'll try to remember to post a picture of my latest oven! :D

Ok-here it is!!

Yeaaaa!!! I did it!!
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I'd like to see what you're using!


It sounds like you have an online account to store images. What Jeff has posted is correct if you have a picture on your computer and want to upload it to attach to your post.

If you are using an image that is in an online account (I. E. Photobucket.com), there is an icon above the area you type your message that you would click on. It is in the second row middle and if you place your cursor over it, it will show “imageâ€. Then just follow the directions. Hope this helps.

Glad to hear that the dome top cast iron pot is also a Dutch Oven. I had always referred to it as such, but was not sure. Thanks for info.

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