A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER will not stay lit

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OK _ GOT IT ................ BUT why should we have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get something to work.  When I had free wood chips I just put them in a coffee can on the burner and they ran 3 hours ... no hassle, no mode, no hocus pocus.

But this A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER seem to not want to stay lit as  I type this.

It has gone out 3 time in 2 hours.

It is on the bottom left of the new smoker and the chip gadget is pulled out 2" and the vent is full open.
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 I feel your pain...my pellet tube wont stay lit either and it just sits there now...but I am at a higher elevation.  have a MES, that I only occasionally use for cold smoking and sausage.  I don't have any troubles at all with my tray and using dust though...since I have that I never got around to building the extra box to keep it going....just stick with it trying different things until you find something that works for you.  I bet you could return it if you cant...
If you're using pellets, try taking a handful and crushing them down to fines. Mix them with the pellets and you should get a mix of dust and pellets that will stay lit. It works for me all the time!
i just bought a 5x8 and it works fine in my masterbuilt 40"....i have the top vent older version.  I did try to make my own mix with some pellets and sawdust and it didn't work so well, it goes out, but just the pellets work.  I haven't tried just saw dust yet so we'll see on that.  I did try just wood chips and they worked but burned faster and gave more smoke.
I have the new one with the side vent and it is about worthless.  The pellets burn fine in my smoke generator however.
rexlan-I never had luck with the AMNPS staying lit while inside my propane fired GOSM-Years ago I retRo fit a Char-grill side fire box to the GOSM so I could use charcoal- Now with the AMNPS in the side box and the ash box drawer opened about an inch-the AMNPS works like a champ. And you have to have the pellets as dry as you can
We need to keep in mind that none of our smokers were designed around the AMNPS or any other smoke generating device.  Thus each one needs to be tweaked differently if we want to use these aftermarket smoke generators.  Yes it seems like the MES 40 (2nd Gen) is giving it's owners the biggest challenge.  Though I don't need another smoker, I wish someone would give me one of these MES 40 units just so that I can take on the challenge.

Meanwhile, I have two electric Big Chief's and a Masterbuilt 2 door gasser which all  have now been successfully converted to  use the AMNPS if I want to, but can always revert back  to use the original designed source of smoke such as chips.  I use Traeger pellets since my local stores carry them and have had no problem keeping them lit.

Now watch me having just jinxed myself
 while I'll be doing my first Boston Butt in the gasser with the AMNPS.
I have the newer model 40 with vent on the side. Myself, and others, have issues keeping it burning. There's been a list of different ideas folks have shared to make it work, and I've yet to find the secret. I'm going to try the pellet tube, and if that doesn't work, I'm moving on to something more consistent.
Yep ... same problem.  I even put 2# of my pellets in the dehydrator and I know they are DRY.

I think that the physical size of the pellet may be an issue.  I notice as they burn they seem to lose contact with each other and then the smoke peters out after awhile.

I removed the loader tube and the chip pan completely ... not much if any better.  When it first starts it has plenty of draft and good smoke comes out the vent ... slowly dies out however.

I also notice that if I light the pellets from the trailing end that it actually burns better than if I lite it from the front through the hole in the end.

I may just make my own and see if I can get a better burn ... maybe bigger holes in the screen mesh. 

I made a can with an aquarium air pump and it burns great ... just hate to put a hole in the smoker to use it.
It sounds more like airflow to me. Because if you put the smoke box in say a grill with the cover propped up, does it work? Or will it burn out in the open without going out? I tried mixing some fine dust with pellets and it packed too right the rows wouldn't burn and just go out... It had to have some airflow. On the other hand, I put in some wood chips small and medium sized and it gave a heavier smoke and burned a little faster but worked. Pellets work fine as does todds dust. I bought a bag just to try and to see the consistency. However the dust burns up quicker than pellets.

Maybe try this, take a small fan and blow it towards the chip loader opening. If you're handy maybe put two computer fans, one at the chip loader opening and one at the vent. Even try with the door cracked open. It really sounds like a draft issue because if it can't get air it can't burn, as long as you don't have big spaces in your row.
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I used to use a soldering iron in a tin can with a hole in the bottom side and foil over the top. I never could get the right flow of air to keep it steady... It was either too much and it would burn too fast or not enough and it would go out
Here is what I did I found a computer fan and a charger that was the right volts. Wired the fan to the charger then used some selftapping screws to attach it over side vents. Or go the smarter route and glue some magnets to the fan. I also fill my AMAZN with my pellets then put it in smoker(not lit) while smoker is getting up to temp. Take out of smoker lite pellets let burn for a good half hour before placing in smoker. I also pack my pellets tight in tray. Works for me.
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