A-maze-N pellet smoker keeps lighting off second row

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Sep 7, 2015
Bardstown Ky
First off this thing is great, totally changed my MES 30.  The last few times I've used the pellet tray it has lit the second row after a half hour or so.  Today I made damn sure I didn't over fill the rows, pellets where maybe 1/4-1/2 inch below the top of the tray and I went out to check it after an hour and smoke was pouring out the vent.  Looked at it and the middle of second row was smoldering.  I keep the tray covered with a foil pan, top vent 3/4 open and chip tube is out maybe a couple of inches.  Only the first row is lit when I put it in the smoker.  Any tips?? 
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Are you covering the pellet tray with a foil pan?  If so, you could be getting too hot and causing auto ignition of the row adjacent to the burning row,
Yea its covered, I mentioned that in the post
I wanted clarification of that.

From the looks of the pellets in the picture, what I described is what's happening.  The pellets on the 2nd row haven't fully combusted, that tells me that they are getting too hot and the exterior of the pellets off gassed enough for them to combust, but not burn properly.  Try running it without the cover.
By cover I'm guessing you're referring to the foil pan?  I mainly use the pan to catch the drippings, so running it with out the pan isn't an option really. Might try and close up the vent and push the chip tube in more and cut back on air flow
Do you have a picture of where you are placing it and such?  That would help a LOT.

When you said you covered it, I was thinking covered the top of it, like right on top.  A picture will help, it doesn't need to be burning.
I set the tray on the bars next to the burner, not on top. Might be getting to much heat on top.
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