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A Fatty Sunday

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by iamswanny, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. My first attempt at a Fatty.  Bacon weave sprinkled with creole seasoning.  I used hot breakfast sausage, cheddar/jack cheese, pepperjack cheese, shrooms, onion, and sweet bell peppers.  I nearly overstuffed, but was able to roll without too much damage.  The sausage and bacon I used was not stuff I usually use and it was extremely salty.  Very tasty, but the salt was a bit much.  I'll definitely be using better ingredients on my next go round with this.

  2. pgsmoker64

    pgsmoker64 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Not bad at all!  How about a shot of the fatty cut open and all that gooey cheese running out?


  3. Thanks.  Tomorrow (if not sooner) when I nuke up some leftovers I'll take a snap shot of the gooey cheesiness.  :)
  4. Looks and sounds really good! I also have ran in to salty conditions as well. The creole seasoning that I used made it WAY to salty as well also Red Robin seasoning was a salt overkill. They best thing I can say is to stay away from salty seasonings and possibly make your own rub!
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  5. I believe you are 100% correct.  No more creole, that was the major culprit.  I just figured it was the cheap sausage and bacon but the saltiness was too much for it to be just that.

    I still chowed down!