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    I Have an old fridge with a 24by15by34 inch Capacity. I have the opportunity to put the heating element and smoke box underneath of this area where the compressor used to be. I have read many of these discussions on this forum and feel that the Auber controller is a good way to go but have no idea what heating element choose. I want to go with a electric controller and heating element for control purposes, I want to be able to go away for the day and have things smoked when I return. I want to do this build quality but on a budget!!! Any suggestions on what controller and heating element combinations that I should consider for the area that I need to heat?????? Also have questions about how to properly vent/ draft this unit???? Also have questions about what options are economical for racks and hooks for salamis?????? Will I need a fan to circulate the air inside to prevent hot spots from over cooking portions of the meat as I have had issues in the past??????? I would appreciate any experience/knowledge that you may have!

    Thanks Wyo Smoker!

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