9.5 lbs. Bone in Leg-O-Lamb.....MES 30 inch.......Easter 2012

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    this was my first attempt at a Bone in leg of lamb.  I got a nice cut from our local Wegmans.  I stuffed it will cloves of garlic and hit it with a nice Garlic, Olive Oil, dry rosemary and rock salt mix.  I poured a little red wine (Malbec) in bottom of pan topped with a bit of fresh rosemary, tied it up and put it in the refrigerator overnight......

    Next day I took out the lamb and it had taken the rub nicely and also had a nice red tint to it from the wine.  I put in on my MES at 230 with apple wood chips at 10am.  I also put a pan of beef broth, sliced sweet onion, more wine, more garlic and more fresh rosemary.  I placed this pan on the rack beneath the lamb leg to catch the drippings..  I then headed to the in-laws for a quick breakfast.

    At around noon when we got back the smell out back was something of pure beauty!!!!!

    I took a look at it and added some more smoke.  We were at about 120 internal at this point. 

    At around 3pm I took another look and we were at 140 so I threw on a crab pretzel and a lobster pretzel to pick at when I took the lamb off once it hit 145.  I actually let it go until 148 for the family since medium was the choice and not rare to medium rare how I would want it but you can't always get your way.  I then double foiled it and put it aside to rest.

    I then strained the drippings from the pan and put the juice aside.  In a wok pan, I sauteed sliced mushrooms, garlic, oil and butter until the mushroom started to soften.  I then added more red wine and the drippings plus a flour mix to thicken.

    What I got was a beautiful red wine mushroom gravy to serve along side of the smoke leg.  It went really well.  I refused to let anyone put the gravy over the lamb to take away from the meat but everyone did love the gravy.  My kitchen, my rules....[​IMG]

    This is also my first post so I'm hoping my pictures come though as well.....

    It was a treat and will be done again.


  2. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Smoked lamb is one of my favorite things. Great job!
  3. frizzlefry

    frizzlefry Smoke Blower

    Looks great!  I haven't had mutton in years.
  4. Looks awesome.  Well done and thanks for sharing the pics.
  5. smokinrick

    smokinrick Newbie

    Looks good. A shame they made you kill it to medium well. My family would have killed me if it was past 130. Good job.

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