4lb boneless boston butt (w/qview)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by texasgal81, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Thanks me too! I'm finishing up work so hopefully I can tear into it soon! It's driving me crazy waiting.
  2. I hope so too. I will find out shortly as soon as I finish up work.
    GRR!! I'm finishing up work so I haven't had a chance to tear into it yet. Just a little bit more. I did make some of JJ's finishing sauce to put on it though. Will keep you posted!
  3. Ok, thanks for the tips! I'll keep that in mind on future smokes.
  4. Ha. I won't tell if you won't!
  5. Final product! Turned out really good. I would have liked more smoke flavor though so I will work on that next time. It could have used more time on the smoker as some parts were harder to pull, but overall, not bad. Oh and if anyone cares, smoked asparagus wrapped in bacon is definitely the way to do it.

  6. c farmer

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    How much wood did you use?

    It looks very good.
  7. Thanks, it tastes good! I'm not of the exact amount, but I have little bread pans (maybe 3" x 5") that I fill up and cover with foil w/a few little holes. I did 2 of those in the beginning and then another one 2 hours later. I use hickory & pecan since I like the flavor they give off.
  8. That's what I was waiting for!  [​IMG]   Looks really good  [​IMG]  
  9. I was trying to get it out there quicker! And believe me, I'd love to dig in! But I had to pull fast and keep it warm a while longer. Almost done with work so I can really dig in! and thanks Smoking B!
  10. I will definitely have to try making bacon wrapped asparagus! How long did you smoke that for? Some great looking eats!  
  11. Thanks Deuce! I snapped the ends off, put a little EVOO, S&P, wrapped with a full piece of bacon on each one and stuck in on for two hours. Probably at about 240-250. It will still nice and had a crisp to it too. Thankfully not soggy! It was really good.
  12. dougmays

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    Looks great! Nice red color on the bark! I also love bacon wrapped 'sparagus 

    also love me some shiner! I like the Farmhouse Ale the best i think:)
  13. Working from Home, Hmmm.......
  14. Thanks! It turned out real good. Now I just need to find some recipes for leftovers. :) I don't think I've tried that Shiner. I'm a light beer drinker so I don't drink a lot of them.
  15. demosthenes9

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    Breakfast ?  Lunch ?  Or Dinner ?  [​IMG]
  16. dougmays

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    Left over favorites of mine:

    - PP Chilli

    - PP Spaghettie

    - PP Pizza (buy real dough from the grocery store and mix half and half bbq sauce and pizza sauce for the sauce)

    - bacon wrapped jalepenos stuffed with PP

    - PP Hair Gel!

    Just kidding about the last one :)
  17. Ha! Thanks guys. I must have had the same idea Doug.. I did pizza! Just use a crescent roll crust, tomato sauce, fresh spinach, red onions, roasted bell peppers, pulled pork, BBQ sauce on top and lots of cheese! Here's the final product and so so good!
  18. [​IMG]  That is something I have not tried yet, but sure looks Great! 
  19. Really good and really quick to make. Just throw your fav stuff on and cook like 10 minutes. Ready to go.
  20. waterinholebrew

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    Your Q view looks real tasty, very nice !! Thumbs Up

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