48" reverse flow

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Oct 23, 2010
So this is my spring break project.

In the past I had the $300 smoker from home depot that I made into a reverse flow, but poor maintenance and thin metal caused it to rust away a few years back. Since then I've been using a masterbuilt electric smoker and man do I miss the real deal.

I kicked around the idea of getting a Lang, but decided building one was a better choice for me.

The whole thing is being made from 1/4" plate, except the reverse flow plate, that is 1/2". I bought 2 sheets of 1/4" and had it sheared for about $500, and then I found a guy that could roll the barrel for another $160. I had the 1/2" in the scrap pile from an oversized welding table, otherwise that would be 1/4" as well.

The plan is to have a 18"x18"x18" fire box and a 16"x 16"x24" heating chamber. I will be building it onto a trailer, and then welding up 1/4" stainless bar as the cooking grates.

Not the cheapest build, but i figured I'm a young man, and my kids should be able to use this thing years from now.

I will do my best to take pictures as post them as it comes along.

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Clean build   nice!

Curious,  you say "   I bought 2 sheets of 1/4" and had it sheared for about $500"  

Was that for just the shearing or metal included?

I pay about $600 usd for a 60x120"  plate of 1/4"   here in Argentina. 
For the plate, $200 each 48"x96", and then $100 for 17 shears. Next day service too, they were great. Van Buren steel in Belleville, MI if any one is curious.

Edited -added dimensions
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Spent time working on the doors today, I was able to make good progress on two of three.

I put a opening between the firebox and heating chamber that I can open and close, I plan on doing something similar between the firebox and main cook chamber as well. The idea is to be able to use it as a vertical smoker for small meals.

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