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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rowdyrabbit, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. rowdyrabbit

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    I'm new to this forum, but have been reading it quite a bit over the last few days. Bass Pro has a 30" MES in their Fathers Day sale ad for $139.97. It comes with a cover and a fish mat. I can't find it on their website and my local store had ran out but is expecting more. Does anyone know anything about this particular model. It is not digital and has a turning handle on the front instead of a side latch. Appears to maybe be stainless by the picture. Says it is 1500 watts with temps 100-400 degrees. That seems to be a pretty good price but I can't find any information on it.

  2. My advice? You get what you pay for.  I am a former Masterbuilt owner.....NEVER AGAIN.  You said you have read the forum quite a bit and you haven't seen the hundreds of posts about the issues with the MES?  Again some advice......read more.

    Trying to save you some trouble is all.
  3. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    There seems to be many happy owners and many who have problems. I figured with this being a simpler model, there would be less to mess up. But, I also figured for the price it couldn't be too great.
  4. I would say the unhappy out weigh the happy.  It's not a matter of the price....its the shitty quality and design of the wiring.  Mine died after 5 smokes......I said to myself NEVER AGAIN.  I paid for a quality USA built smoker and haven't been happier.  You may want to do some more research. 

  5. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    Thanks for the information. Was yours the digital or the analog? I'm still trying to decide what I want. When I saw the price on it, it made me curious.
  6. Mine was digital.   The smoker I have now is analog and I couldn't be happier.  My father always told me "you get what you pay for" and he was never more correct. 

    There are several very good electric brands out there.  The Cookshack, The Smokin-Tex and the Smokin-It line of smokers.  They are all very similar and the main difference is the pricing.  I went with the Smokin-It #2

    and couldn't be happier.  I am a former MES owner but won't be again.  Now some people have had great luck with them......a lot of people haven't.  The issues stem from cheap labor doing the wiring and extremely poor wiring design.  Now a lot of these issues are fixable.....BUT why the hell do I want to buy a smoker that I have to improve upon.......cut larger holes in.......use different smoke generators in.....etc, when I can just buy a smoker and use it!!

    I'm not sure what your budget is.....or how big of a smoker you need/want but look at the above lines and see what you think.  Again I went with the Smokin-It because the price was so much less than the others for a box that looked no different.  Got great reviews as well. 

  7. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    Thanks for the information. I'll check into those other brands. I've been around smokers all of my life, but most have been made by me or my father. I like the idea of an electric for the ease of use and operation. But, I don't want to spend too much up front in case I don't like electrics. I was thinking of a cheaper one just to see what I think, then moving to something better if I like it. I do hate spending good money on a bad product though.
  8. Mine is about as set and forget as it gets.  I am too busy to tend a fire (although a stick burner would be awesome) and when I entertain I want to be with my guests and not sitting in front of the smoker :eek:)

    If you have other questions feel free to ask.  We are all here to help.  If it seems like I'm bitter about MES I am.  :eek:)

  9. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    From my reading, it seems a lot of people like them and have no trouble while there are plenty who hate them. I don't blame anybody either way.
    I have pretty well shied myself away from the one I originally asked about, but I'm still curious about it. Seems like every different store sells their own particular model. I can't find anything like this one on the Bass Pro website or anywhere else.
  10. ibbones

    ibbones Meat Mopper

    That is exactly why I bought the MES 30" from Cabelas last summer.  It's really my first smoker and I wanted to "get my feet wet" without spending a chunk of money and not like it.  I have grilled for years but never the "low and slow" thing.  I can say now that Scott is right about one thing.  The MES is NOT top quality.  I will be replacing it whenever it stops working and going with the Smokin-it.  I do not regret buying the Masterbuilt and between trying different meats and reading this forum, I feel smarter than a fifth grader.  It is a great unit to learn on but I had to buy the AMNPS to get the right smoke and could do other things to make it better but I should not have to.

    Now, I hope that my MES will last many years but the day it does die, I will have another smoker ordered.

    Hope this helps.
  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Most MES Gen #2 hate their MES, as they should.

    Many people who own the MES Gen #1 love theirs. When mine quits, if I'm still around I will get another MES, but it won't be the Gen #2. So far my MES 40 Gen #1 has been perfect for 4 years.

    I'm not sure about the analog MES, but I can't remember too many complaints.

  12. hoity toit

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    I basically use my MES 40 as a warming cabinet to keep all dishes of the meal hot until time to serve the meal. As for smoking in it, I feel it works well for summer sausage and such where you need to keep the moisture level and heat constant, but for regular smokes I prefer my smokehouse.
  13. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    Thanks again for all of the great information. Between this post and all the others I've been reading I've decided against the original. I've looked at some of the other brands that were mentioned here but just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on it at this time. I did however happen to remember today that I have some Academy gift cards that I put up a while ago. I had planned to put them towards a particular gun I wanted but later bought it elsewhere. I have had the cards put up and haven't thought about them lately. I saw the other day that my local store has the old style MES40 in stock and on sale for $299. My gift cards would cover most of that and I haven't had anything else I've needed there lately. I've noticed people seem to be more generally pleased with the old style and it would give me a good chance to see what I think of it. Would also have money left for the AMNPS and a good thermometer. I'm leaning towards going this route right now.
  14. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Sounds like a Great plan!!![​IMG]

  15. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    Went by the local store today to pick one up and they were out of the 40". It has also went off sale and is back to $350. They do now have the 30" on sale online for $199, however. It is also the gen 1 like the 40". The other store nearby is also out of the 40". I can order one online, but it would cost $45 to ship it. They didn't know when they would get more in stock.
    That brings me to a new question, is the extra 10" worth $150? I was going to have to put a little cash with my gift cards to get the. 40, but could get the 30 on sale and have a little left over. I see where people have trouble fitting big pieces on the 30 sometimes, but how often is that and is it enough of a problem to warrant the extra money? I know that's a person to person thing as to what they cook and how often, but I'm just looking for a general opinion. I don't want to feel disappointed by the small size later, but also don't want to spend unnecessary money.
  16. Hell for 399.00 u could get a reliable smokin- it #3. I wouldn't throw 350 down the drain if it was me. Now if u were talking 200 vs 399 to see if u "like" smoking food I'd give u a pass.....but cmon.
  17. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    I wouldn't spend $350 on it for sure if I didn't have the gift cards. Problem is, they don't sell any brand but the Masterbuilt there. I know I like smoking food, just not sure about with the electric variety. If I buy one of these there I'm not out much cash if any. If I like smoking with an electric, and am not satisfied with one of these, I could always sell it and move on to something better. My main concern is whether I'm giving it a fair shot by going with the smaller version.
  18. The small one is going to cook like the bigger one.  The only difference will be in what you can fit in it.   As for electrics.....I won't cook on anything but them.  I don't have time to be tending a fire and or gas.  I want something that is set and forget for the most part. 

    Good luck on your choice.
  19. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Newbie

    I'm going to go look at them and see. I used to have all the time I needed for smoking or anything else. But now a few years later being self employed and having young twin boys, the day just doesn't go as far once did. That's the appeal of the electric to me.
    I really do appreciate all of the replies. I've spent quite a bit of time looking around at different threads on here the last few days. I know I argue with everyone's sound reasoning, but it's just how I do it when I'm making my decisions. Got to make sure I get every side of it. The usually still go off and do whatever I want :) Guess I'm just hard headed that way. Unfortunately those two little boys take after pops in that department.

    Thanks again
  20. Haha......we all do as we please and that is AOK!!   Just here to help you along but YOU are the ultimate decision maker. 

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