30" Masterbuilt Analog Electric Smoker... SCORE!!

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  1. The Mrs. and I decided to hit some yard sales today and I scored a Masterbuilt Analog 30" smoker in really nice shape for.... ready.... FIVE BUCKS!! The reason the guy let it go so cheap is because it's missing the analog controller cord (and the drip tray). He said he tried to find it before his wife had the sale and didn't figure anyone would want it without the cord so he let it go cheap. I've checked online and I see I can get a replacement cord from Old Smokey for $23.95 + $8.50 shipping or get the entire setup from River Country (cord and 1300w heat element) for $39.50 with free shipping. Do any of you know if these parts are compatible with the MES analog smokers or should I go directly to Masterbuilt for the parts? I have no way of knowing if the original heat element works without the cord other than taking the man's word for it that it worked. It hasn't been used much... the inside and the grates are very clean with just a little evidence of smoke on the walls and ceiling. The bottom (floor) could use some cleanup but not much and the smoker tray isn't rusted any like one that's seen a lot of use may look. I haven't decided yet, but I may just modify it a bit and use it entirely for cold smoking. At any rate $5 was a good score as far as I'm concerned.

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    I'd buy it for $5!

    Nice score...

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