30" Diameter 7' Long Reverse Flow Smoker on Trailer

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Nov 2, 2016
Hello all,

This is my first BBQ forum and first post. I recently acquired a 16' trailer with two 3500 lb axles. Have removed the 2" x 8" x 16' boards so I could beef up and repair the damaged angle iron underneath. My goal is to build a reverse flow smoker out of a 0.375 thick pipe that is 30" in diameter and 7' long. I will spend the weekend installing the new 2.5" x 3" 1/4" thick angle iron.

1. I plan on welding the smoker to the new angle iron cross members. What material should I use to build the frame that will house the cooking chamber? Looking for something like this but don't know what this material specification. From my calculations the completed pit will weigh close to 2,200 lbs.

Here is my trailer without new angle iron installed. thanks for any help.

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Welcome to the Forum.

I can't really tell from the pics but guess  he chassis is made out of 3/16" x 2"angle iron.  

You will need to be very careful where you place the cross members and weight of the tank as the chassis is flimsy. 

You need to mount the cross member/weight of tank close to the spring mounts as this is where the weight is being transferred.

Box tube is stronger weight for weight than angle iron, so depending on height etc I would use 2x4x1/8" box as minimum for the cross member. The chassis is very wide for a 30" tank so that's not going to help either.

For now don't weld anything in solid, just use short stitch welds until you are completely done and satisfied with the layout then weld it all at the end of the job.   (Makes life easier if you have to change something).
Thank you for your comments as my biggest concern is safety. Your assumption is correct, the angle iron is 2" x 3/16 currently and most has been removed. I was planning on upgrading to 2" 1/4 angle but will rather take your advice and use 2x4 square tubing.
Here is an update of the trailer build. I will start purchasing the materials for the pit next week
1. CC - 7' long 30" dia 3/8 pipe- 830 lbs
2. FB - 2' x 2' c 2' = 24 SF - 230 lbs

I have replaced the original 3/16 angle with 1/4 angle. I have purchased 2"x4" metal tubing but don't want to install until I know where to set the smoker. If anyone has a way of determine where to put the smoker based on where the axles are please let me know. Project should move forward quickly once I know this

Make your axle/spring set up adjustable ... meaning you weld the spring hangers/slippers to a piece of angle and then after the build is complete you can adjust the axle's under the trailer for the right hitch weight.... and then weld/bolt the angle to the frame ...
Questuon - does my for box need to be bigger to accommodate a warming cabinet?

FB - 30"^3
CC - 30"dia. X 72"
WB - 30" x 30" x 36"
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