275 fuel tank vs. 100 gallon propane tank

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  1. Ok, so I have been doing a lot of reading on here and have a question.  I am looking to build a RF that I can use for family gatherings of 25-40 people.  A friend of mine has a 275 fuel tank in his barn that I can pick up reasonably (so he says).  I noticed that a lot of you guys are using propane tanks.  I assume that is because they are a heavier gauge metal.  I have been looking for a 100 gallon propane tank without success, tried craigslist, scrap yards, propane companies, swapsheets.  So the question I have is, will the 275 fuel tank be ok or should I keep looking for a propane tank?  I would really like to pull the trigger on something soon so I can work on it over the winter.  I am located in Syracuse, NY if anyone knows of a scrap yard that may have one that hasn't cut it to pieces already.  Thanks for any help and advice you all can send my way.
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    The propane tank will hold the heat much better because it's so much thicker. It will also last a lifetime. You may want to check with some propane companies eventually they do have to take some out of service and do something to get rid of them. If you wanna come pick it up I have several 100 gal tanks [​IMG]
  3. Pineywoods, the way the weather is going up here I would LOVE to come down to FL!  
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    Here in Alabama the scrap yards dont take containers, you have to cut them  up so getting a tank from there would be dificult. The propane companies here sell out of hydro tanks to the public.
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    I have a Smoker on a trailer started using a 330 gallon propane tank. Thinking im going reverse flow but dont know how much space is needed in the chamber, can yall help me on this issue?
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    :hijack: so it's into the :pb: for jgharbin LOL
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    The fuel tanks can be pretty thin, but it may be worth checking out.  Another option is to look around for yards that sell rolled steel.  You can typically get rolled steel pipe for 50 bucks a foot or less for 24 inch diameter.   For the size parties yur talking about you could easily do what you need with a 4 or 5 foot chunk of 24.
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    I think Fourthwind has an excellent idea, the yards here in Tx. will do just about anything you ask them, and you could get started, but up to you.
  9. I am going to try a supplier on Monday.  I was thinking 5/16" wall 30" pipe 5' in length.  That will give me two flat ends to build off of.  One end I was planning on closing off solid and the other a firebox and warmer.  New material is certainly more then a used tank, but has it's advantages too.  I won't have to worry about any possible contamination or cutting into a used tank.   I have been looking at designs on here and have gotten a lot of good ideas.
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  11. I had the same problem finding a tank the size I wanted. Every gas company I called only had 250 gallon tanks. I eventually used a 250. The first thing I did was cut the end off then moved down the tank and cut another 29 inches off and welded the end back on. My bottom cook grate is 38" wide and 29" deep. My upper grate is 38" x 25". Sounds like this size would meet your needs also.
  12. Finding that a lot of the gas companies don't want to sell old tanks because of liability, lots of lawyers here in upstate NY I guess. [​IMG].
  13. Bummer deal, I had to sign a paper stating that I was buying a scrap tank not fit for use to hold LP. $100 later, I'm on my way. Don't give up brother. It's out there waitng for you.
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  15. Cororumerx,

    Thanks!  I will have to make a trip down there.  
  16. Your gonna need some help with those big tanks! But WOW what a project!
  17. They have them in all shapes and sizes.
  18. Talked to them this afternoon.  They are looking for a 250.  If they don't have one they are willing to cut a 500 in half.  That would give me 37" diameter and 60" plus end cap.  I think that would work out better than the 250.  I was going to take one end off any way to attach the fire box and warming box.  The gentleman I spoke with is going to check their stock and call me this coming week.  Thanks again for everyone's help!

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  20. They are great guys out there, My brother and I are building a smoker and are using a 250 gallon horizontal tank. It is working out pretty well.


    We paid $150 for the big tank.

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