26 LB Brisket

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Dec 18, 2013
I just moved to Bali where brisket supply is hard to come by. Local Brisket is really lean with little to no fat. I wanted to get a cut like back at home. After many phone calls a lot of waiting, I finally got my hands on an imported US Brisket. This thing is huge! 26 lbs! I realize I'll trim away a decent amount, but I think the largest I cooked back in Texas was maybe 18 lbs tops. How do I go about cooking this? Should I separate point from flat? That's what I'm leaning towards currently, but it seems such a shame to cut it in half!

Wow that is a big chunk of meat......... I would not break it down. I would only rub it with a simple rub and then low and slow till it was tender. Do the same as you would any other brisket, it will just take a very long time. Wrapping is up to you. Due to size and me not liking things too dark, I would wrap till just about done and the place back in smoker unwrapped, reseason and use the pan juices to make an Aus jus.

Good luck and have fun with it! Don't forget to keep us posted, we love to drool over other peoples cooks.......

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