250L build - now a 35? gallon build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by munxcub, Jun 20, 2013.

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    More cooking space is always worth it.....  Also, you could lower the stack to the cooking grate ....   No  space lost....    Dave

  2. Thanks Dave, I take it I should not follow the measurements on that drawing. Not sure I could fit that much intake vent space on my little firebox... ;)

    How would I figure out the dimensions/volume of the plenum? What would it be based on?
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    Make the top flat part wider in all directions so the stack fits on it flat.....  the other dimensions are "what ever fits"... providing a transition for good air flow works.... 
  4. Woohoo Fire Box parts are ready! My dad is going to pick them up while I'm stuck at work. Maybe I can get an early jump on it before the weekend. He can show me how to work the welder and stuff (it's his) before he heads out of town this weekend. So pumped.
  5. Does the heat shield bridge between the FB and RF plate? 
  6. Argh! Went to start welding my fire box together and realized I screwed up my drawing I gave to the fab shop for the side with the vents... Was supposed to be wide and I drew it tall so the vents run up the side not across the bottom... Looks like I need to go back to the fab shop on Monday. At least I can get them to cut the FB-CC opening in the firebox side. I don't have the tools to cut it myself.

    So that makes this weekend kind of a bust... unless I can cut the CC door. I didn't really want to cut it until I had the FB welded on so I don't warp anything. 

    Really bummed out and just feeling sorry for myself. 
  7. Cant go ahead and get the other four sides together?
  8. I need to cut my half moon opening before I put that side on. One whole side is going to be the door. So I could put the top and bottom onto one side.

    trying to think of ways to cut the half moon with my angle grinder but I have a feeling it'll create too much heat and possibly warp the plate.
  9. Angle grinder is perfect tool for that, get a thin cut off wheel for it and go to town. Thats what I use for all my precision cuts, use the plasma when it does not have to be perfect.
  10. By thin you probably don't mean 1/4" heh
  11. no he does not mean 1/4 in i use either matabo .040 in x 6 in or sait .045 x 7 in

    matabo and sait are popular grinding wheel mfg
  12. Thinnest available at my local hardware store was 1/8". Should be fine I think.
  13. Got my half moon opening cut out. Went better than expected and did up to the tank real nice. Going to start welding the fire box after supper.

    ETA: what are some rules of thumb for where to cut the CC door? Cut just below the bottom rack? How high up? What about deciding width?
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  14. Welded up the fire box pieces that I could. Went rather well for my first time welding. (Until I ran out of the one gauge of wire and went to a slightly smaller one... then I couldn't get anything right lol)

    Just have to get the side with the vents recut and figure out hinges and a latch for the door and the fire box is done. :)
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    When changing wire size, usually you have to change some parts in the welder....  contacter tip, drive wheel....
  16. Thinnest available at my local hardware store was 1/8".

    Go to home depot or lowes, they stock em right there. The thinner ones cut faster, You can get them up to 6"...and stick with the larger Dia wire,  you really shouldnt be welding with less than .035 flux core for the firebox work,  flange and detail work you can go with .030 solid.  If your welder can handle .045, it will lay a nicer bead on the thicker pieces.
  17. If I had either of those stores locally I'd love to rib.

    I know Dave. We didn't know the extra spool was smaller. I made do with the hideous welds, luckily they're on the inside where no one will see them. The outside welds were sufficient to hold it together. I'll get some more 0.035 before doing any more.
  18. Sorry, didnt see the Canada location.
  19. No worries rib. We do have home depot, just not where I live. It's an hour and a half away.
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    Is there a welding supply store near you ??  Farm supply stores usually have welding supplies....   Also, at 1 1/2 hrs drive, mail order would be cheaper....
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