250 Gal Oil drum Smoker

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Apr 27, 2022
The Below Thread was supposed to be posted for the entire Forum, but my ROOKIE status sent it only to DAVEOMAK. I want to give DAVEOMAK a HUGE shout out for taking the time to help me out on this new Build. The Suggestion DAVEOMAK made was to take out the fire grate and line the FB floor with Fire Brick and build the fire directly on the bottom of the FB. He mentioned Fire Brick will hold a temp of approx. 1K degrees that will allow the coals to build and have a great base!

Of course I did what was suggested and BOOM the smoker works like a champ! Thanks again DAVEOMAK for the help!

Morning everyone,
NEW GUY HERE! Got a new build going on and having a little problem with the fire (Specs below), works well with door open but goes out when door is closed. I have read many posts and thinking the stack too short (?). Quick Over View, On the front of the Fire box is one vent that the previous owner made to feed the fire. I also added three vents (Circle Caps) that have four holes under the center cap and two holes under the left and right caps to feed air into the CC, each hole is approx. 1 inch in dia. you can screw the caps away from the FB to increase and decrease air flow. My wood is dry, and I'm using a chimney of blazing lump charcoal to start it and then adding thin kindling, once the fire catches I add 3-5" width by maybe 12" long pieces of wood. One thing I have noticed is that I don't get a good amount of coals, the grate is 6-7" high I was thinking of lowering it?

I have read many many posts and actually got the idea from a previous post around the 2017- 2018 (1st pic) time frame of almost the exact smoker (great idea). Except his stack was on the FB side. Would really like/need some opinions from the experts, I have a Church BBQ next weekend (crunch time).

Fire box: 30"Lx24"Wx24"H
Cooking Chamber: 60"Long x 27" Wide, (250 Gal oil drum)
Stack: 24" tall 7" inside dia
Deflector plate: Width of interior and length is 52" long with a width of CC x 8 " opening at the end.



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welcome to the forum from Minnesota!! nice looking smoker you have and great that Dave was able to help you out!!
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