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I nominated someone. You can retract that if you wish. And make it a suggestion instead. I wasn't aware of this rule either.
Honestly I didn’t know that if you were OTBS you couldn’t recommend a member. When a member PM’s me with his recommendation, I just submit it. I don’t check to see if he is OTBS or not. My bad, I guess. But it gets scrutinized by the Admins., so I really don’t see a problem there.
Sorry for getting a late start on this, BMudd asked me if I'm doing OTBS Nominations this year.
Well folks, Nominations for OTBS is now open; remember, nominees must be members in good standing, be knowledgeable in smoking meats and other foods, and helpful to new members. If you have someone in mind, please look at the individual's profile to make sure the person isn't already an OTBS member. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/hey-whats-this-otbs-about-anyways-otbs-nominations.307102/
That being said, nominees
(1) may not be nominated by OTBS members but nominated by the General membership of SMF.
(2) Nominations must be submitted to a moderator. Once the nominee(s) have be vetted, Moderators will then forward the names to the Admin Staff (Pineywoods, BMudd and me) for discussion and selection.
The cutoff date for Nominations is January 2nd. When the new class of OTBS members have been selected, the new roster will be posted.
As I have been on the Smoking Meats Forum so infrequently the past couple of years, it's time for me to turn the reins over to an Admin/Moderator that will continue the OTBS and has a regular presence on the Forum.
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