2 Pork Butts next weekend

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Smoke Blower
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Sep 18, 2013
Boone, NC
I have done several 8lb-10lb boston butts now and have had great results.  Next weekend I'm going to be putting two 8lb-10lb butts on the MES for a Christmas party.  I am curious if I should allow for some extra cooking time because of the amount of meat that will be in the smoker?  I always go by the internal temp of the meat because from experience, they all cook a little differently.  The party starts at 6pm so I plan on putting the meat in at 4am and estimating a 4pm done time.  Then I will be putting them in a cooler for a while until the guests start arriving then it'll be time to pull and serve.  This is the plan but I am open to any and all suggestions.  Thanks!
As far as time you should be fine. If you're worried about not making the dead line do them ahead of time and serve them in a crock or warming pan with some liquid in em. I've done butts 3-4 days in advance for company picnics.
I have done 3 butts at a time in my UDS. As you know every piece of meat will cook a little different.They were all done within an hour and a half of each other. I would start a little earlier to be on the safe side. If you r cooking low and slow. When you take them off the smoker wrap in foil then towels and put in cooler until you are ready to pull. At least a few hours.
Start as early as possible and even the day before if you can. Adding more meat will fluctuate the cooking time and pork butts are great reheated the next day anyway.
Thanks for the great advice from all of you.  Judging by your responses and some more brainstorming...I think I will start them around midnight Saturday night and look for a done time sometime around noon on Sunday.  After a rest in the cooler and then pulling I think I'll just put all that tasty goodness in some aluminum pans and seal them up tight with some apple juice until serving time.  Can always throw them back in the smoker a half hour before the guests arrive to warm them back up a bit.  I will post some pics throughout the process to you can see how they turn out.  Thanks again!
Lets do the math, on an 8 lbs butt if it takes 1.5 hours that is 12 hours.  That being said I seem a lot closer to 2 hours per lb.  I would cook them the day before and reheat.  In the end reheated smokes taste even better to me.

What ever you d, good luck and takes lots of q-view for us to see
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