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Dec 25, 2011
Sanborn, NY
Just pulled these from the smoker. Butts are odd creatures. The last one I did took almost 20 hours before I finally pulled it. These 2 took only about 7 AND both got done at the same time even though they were on different racks in the smoker. Go figure...

Resting in foil for an hour or so. I also have some chicken stewing and have to de-bone that and get it back into a pot for chicken stew (hence why it's stewing). 

I'll open these up and hopefully remember to post a couple pics when I pull them. :) That is... if I'm not too busy getting my fingers greasy snacking on the bark. :)


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Dec 25, 2011
Sanborn, NY
Almost forgot...

The bark on these was just nothing short of awesome. They pulled great, tasted great. I took 8 pounds to my niece's work. She works at a car dealer where I just got a 2010 Santa Fe. I promised them some food because they basically made nothing on the car deal to Ashley's Uncle. :)

There was a Facebook message waiting for me when I got home. She said they DEVOURED it and it was gone! 8 pounds and 24 rolls. Very gratifying. hehehe.... but I'll remember to take more next time. 

These were smoked with Hickory. Smoker temp 275. No foil during the cook. Pulled at 205 IT. Time 7 hours. Wrapped in foil to rest and instead of a cooler I just stuck them in the oven with no heat on at all. After an hour they were still too hot to handle. So THAT part worked as well. 

The Learning Part:

Indeed, butts are very forgiving. Also they each have a mind of their own.

275 works just as well as 225, in terms of the result, but takes a lot less time.

Cooking a day ahead guarantees the food will be ready when you are and is FAR less stressful.

For reheating I'm just piling it into a crockpot, adding a cup of apple cider (or juice), turning it on high until the meat heats up, stirring it once in a while to keep it heating evenly, and once it's warmed up I turn it down to Low or Warm depending on which crockpot I'm using.


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Nov 18, 2010
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Looks great! And yes smoking at 275 vs 225 will cook much faster. In the last year i've started cooking at higher temps with no quality loss.

Another idea for reheating...if you have a vacuum sealer you can put the left overs in a bag with some of the juices and freeze it. When your ready to eat, let them thaw and then you can boil in the sealer bag for 30-45 mins and when you take it out and open the bag it'll taste and smell like the day you made it!


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May 2, 2011
Algoma, WI
It is strange.  I have done many butts and they generally never go over 12 hours.  It just seems odd to me.  I thought maybe my thermometers are off.  I smoke them at 225° and they generally range from 8-10 lbs. a piece.  20 hours just seems so long.  But hey, when they're done.........they're done.

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