2 butts in mes30

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jeff 1, May 26, 2016.

  1. jeff 1

    jeff 1 Smoke Blower

    How well will 2 butts do in a mes30? I have yet to even cook a butt in this smoker but have done many cooks with 2-4 butts in a vertical brinkman charcoal smoker and that thing was a messy pain when it was full and took forever.

    The 2 butts I have are what I would call small average.
  2. bearcarver

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    Shouldn't be a Problem.

    You could start out at about 240° Smoker Temp to be safe.

    Here's a single 7 pounder I did. Shouldn't be all that much different, unless they are really small.

    Pulled Boston Pork Butt         

  3. jeff 1

    jeff 1 Smoke Blower

    They are about 7.5 a peice. Got them both rubbed down and wrapped in fridge right now. Not going to put anything in the drip pan. May spray with apple juice or baste with a mixture. Will prob use my tube for smoke with Apple and hickory pellets
  4. smokinal

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    Sounds like a plan, just figure about 2 hours per pound or about 14-15 hours.

    I would certainly read Bears thread on Pulled pork.

    MES is all he smokes on.

    Good luck!

  5. jeff 1

    jeff 1 Smoke Blower

    Got them in about an hour ago. Put one on bottom rack and the other on second from top. 12" tube filled with hickory and apple.

    I'm pretty sure 2 butts are going to be the limit for this smoker and that is fine with me. Curious how well the bark will do with electric.
  6. tropics

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    Every time you open the door,it adds 15 to 20 min. cooking time Put something in the bottom pan and leave the door close Just my HO

  7. jeff 1

    jeff 1 Smoke Blower

    i limit the door being opened only to replacing the amnts when it is burned out.
  8. Jeff, Your butts will do well. Just have patients. Decide if you are going to wrap with foil at 160. It will reduce the cook by several hours.b Personally I like to cook them naked for about 15 hours as Al said.Here's a shot of 2 in a MES 30. Good luck and enjoy. Check out JJ finishing sauce it's great.

  9. jeff 1

    jeff 1 Smoke Blower

    Been in there about 8.5-9 hours at 225 and already looking like yours in the pics. Only opened door twice to refill amnts and sprayed at same time. I've decided to keep them naked being I don't have to worry about keeping fire going. Im already impressed with the bark being it is an electric smoker. I've done a lot of butts but only with fire burners. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Got the finishing suace already mixed up with cider vinager, brown sugar, mustard and some spices. No worry's, electric is so much easier.
  10. Jeff, the first shot is about 5 hours in and by the look of the AMNPS the second is at 12 or 14 hours. Check out the bone  pull back.  Jted
  11. jeff 1

    jeff 1 Smoke Blower

    They didn't look quite as done as your last shot but maybe in between the first and second shot and still have some more shrinking to do. I am betting they will be done at the 12 hour mark or pretty close which is really good for me since I am used to it taking butts a lot longer in my other smoker due to the heat swings and stall. So far this mes30 digital pretty much keeps the heat really well and even rebounds fast from opening the door. And it seems to get up to temp when I first turn it on in like 15 minutes in the shade
  12. smokesontuesday

    smokesontuesday Smoking Fanatic

    They'll do just fine. If you don't foil you'll get a good bark. 

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