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2.3 Pound Pork Butt Taking Too Long?

Joined Sep 12, 2020
So I have a Smoke Vault 24" propane smoker, and one thing I've noticed is that whenever I smoke meat, it always take way longer than what I see online. For instance, started smoking a 2.3 pound pork butt this morning at around 10AM. It is now almost 5PM and i'm still sitting around 160. I wrapped in butcher paper, so just letting it go.

Point is, I know you "can't smoke to a time" and "meat is done when its done", but is it normal for most meat smoking times to not match what i see online?

I'm smoking the pork butt around 225-250F, and yes, I have a ThermPro wireless meat thermometer to also measure the ambient temp inside the smoker.

I did try injecting the pork butt this time, thinking that might be slowing things down also.

Anyways, considering they say 90-120 minutes per pound for pork butt.... is it normal that I never even get close to that short of a time?

Sincerely - Frustrated Smoker (:emoji_laughing:)


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Joined Sep 4, 2017
It will stall at 160 I did one yesterday 9am to 12PM at 250⁰ 12pm to 3PM 275⁰ 3PM to 6PM 325⁰ this was for an 8 pound shoulder. I stalled from 3 to 4 pm. I think you could safely bump the temp up.


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Usually 1.5 hours a pound for me. On real windy days it’s taken as long as 2 hours a pound
Joined Sep 12, 2020
Could it be that the Smoke Vault is leaking more than other smokers? Prolonging time? I know Smoke vault's are fairly well regarded for an amateur smoker, but just not understanding why a 2 pound pork butt is now going on 10 hours. (I'm at 164 now! :-) )
Joined Sep 12, 2020
Or maybe a bad temp sensor
I was thinking about that, but i have an analog oven thermometer inside, the built in smoke vault on the door, and my thermpro. they all average out to around the temp i'm aiming for. I did test the thermpro in the oven and with the ice water test, and all seems to be good.


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Something don't sound right. Are you sure it's only 2.3lbs? Never seen a pork butt that small.
Joined Sep 12, 2020
Something don't sound right. Are you sure it's only 2.3lbs? Never seen a pork butt that small.
Yeah, it's probably a part of one, or a half. We grabbed it at Aldi to make some Cuban Sandwiches, and at the last minute decided to smoke it instead.


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I've done some really small boneless butts (3-5lbs) and if I didn't wrap I'd have some that took over 14hrs.These were done in a well insulated MES.The end result was great but the time and electricity invested got me to start wrapping once I hit the stall.

I also started smoking at higher temp also,I've found many folks get stuck on 225 as being the be all-end all when comes to smoking temp and I used to be one of those.With butts these days I generally will maintain a temp at 250-260.

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