1st Smoked Prime Rib

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Nov 9, 2019
Nw Iowa
Had a prime rib in the freezer... well 1/2 of one anyway, we cut the one I bought in half since it's just the wife and I. Tied it up to be more uniform and seasoned with Kinder's , The Blend and Butchers All Purpose


Put in my GMG pellet smoker, started at 225, then actually dropped it to around 200 since it wasn't very big.


And pulled off the smoker...


Rested and sliced...


Of course needed some mashed taters, gravy, and sweet corn!


My that was good! But wait... next night, got supper in the oven... or sous vide


Leftover prime rib, mashed taters and gravy in there!


Had a salad as well. Was sure great eating!

Of course any that know me also know that I like to show off my dogs... my youngest, Kali...will be a year old in April. She found a new stick... ya should see her run with it lol!


Just remember to smile! If nothing else, it makes people wonder what you're up to!

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That is awesome looking plate, Ryan! This is how prime rib piece should look like, IMHO....
Thank you! I appreciate it. Have made it before but 1st time smoking one. Sure turned out good!

Yes sir!! That looks great! Prime rib is one you just cant mess up. Go as slow as you need!!
Thank you! Best thing is we have another half in freezer still!

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Awesome job buddy… meals look phenomenal! Love me some PR… Kali is a beautiful pup… love the stick!
Thanks Jerry!

Thank you! Was gonna follow your guidelines but turned temp down for the size to get enough smoke.

Thank you Adam! I appreciate it!

What you did gave results for sure….if you don’t experiment you don’t ever learn what works for yourself…..smoke vs Maillard reaction is a balance….
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What you did gave results for sure….if you don’t experiment you don’t ever learn what works for yourself…..smoke vs Maillard reaction is a balance….
Might have learned a thing or two from this site!

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Nice meal. I've got a rib roast in the freezer, too.

Appears your snow is going going ....
Thank you! Snow seems to be going going but keeps coming back as well! The Saturday a day before I smoked this was sunny, calm and 40 degrees... but my wife was working. Smoked this on Sunday, snowing and wind blowing 20 to 30 mph, temps mid 30s

They got pounded at home on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Way past my bedtime and trying to wind down. Son was supposed to fly in tonight but after numerous delays the flight was canceled.
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Another fine meal Ryan.... and of coarse the must have mashed and gravy

( I had a Boxer pup who also preferred long sticks to most other things to carry,
always had to watch out when he would be running by with one, lol miss old Duke.)

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