1st smoked chicken!

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Feb 18, 2007
For the 4th I'm going to smoke a whole chicken with some BB ribs and some brats.Here is my question,what temp should the chicken be when I put it on the smoker?Thanks in advance!
For safety reasons I suggest you take it from the fridge to the smoker. You could prep it the night before or right before you smoke it. Let us know how it goes!
I took my first 3 from the fridge rub them down and ram a can in the hind end and they turned out awesome. Will be doing 2 more on the 4th also.
I smoked a chicken in my Weber Performer just last saturday. Here's how I did it:

Prep the chicken and rub it down with a good amount of salt, enough to coat the whole thing inside and out with a thin layer. Wrap it up and let it cure in the fridge for 2 hours. take it out, rinse it off, brush with about a stick of melted butter and allpy salt and pepper to taste. Don't truss the chicken. I'm not sure what you were using but I piled my coals up to one side of my grill leaving the opposite half open for the drip pan, then i put a large handful of oak on the coals and after the smoke started rolling i put the chicken on the grill, legs facing the heat.

I let it cook for maybe 1.5 hrs when the thermometer read 180 in the thigh. It turned out perfect...I was a little worried that the breast would be all grainy and tough like most chicken breast is (except for mine
) but the whole thing was moist and delicious...and good and smoky!

lemme know how yours turns out and what you did, I'm always up for something new!
Well the chicken turned out fine,nice and tender!It just fell apart!No pictures sorry.
Gotta agree w/ Cheech again. Next time you do a yardbird, brine it for a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs, then rub it or whatever you want to do and straight to the smoker. Don't let it come to room temp first.

Big congrats on the bird! Next time get pics!
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