1st pork butt cook with Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by atlandjojo, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. So yesterday when I was doing my wings I completely forgot that I had a Pork smorgasbord thawing in the fridge. I have 2 pork butts total 13lbs, 9 thick pork chops and a 5lb pork loin. Was going to injected my pork loin but injector broke. So I decided to pour injection over the top then rub it down and let sit in fridge.

  2. Pork loin and chops marinating

    The butts all rubbed down before wrapping and refrigerating
  4. b-one

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    Off to a good start! You may want to add more rub on the butts there's lots of meat there,you can also look up finishing sauces with the search feature they can add flavor and moisture to your pork. Keep the pics coming!
  5. Thank you for the advice my friend. I plan on adding more seasoning in the morning before I put them on the smoker. Gonna put them on at about 7. Quick question though, I have seen lots of different posts on smoker temps. Thinking of doing at maybe 245*. What do you suggest?
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    I run 250-275. You can go hotter many do maybe try hotter next time around to see which you prefer! Don't forget butts than take a long time!
  7. Cool thanks I'll bump it up. Thank you for the advice. How long do yours end up cooking
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    Around 2 hours per pound is a safe bet. If it gets done early you can hold it double wrapped in foil then in towels in a dry cooler for hours you should let it rest that way at least an hour anyways.
  9. Have to pick up a cheap cooler
  10. Do you wrap your butts and if so at what temp
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    I only wrap when there resting. If wrapping during cooking,the Texas crutch, people generally wrap around 160 IT it speeds up the cook but will decrease the bark my favorite part. What temp are you cooking the butt to,is it bone in?
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    I'd get a decent cooler they last forever. If you get cooler threats larger I've found using an old pillow takes up plenty of dead space helping your food stay warmer longer.
  13. Ok cool will do
  14. Woke up a little late but here we go. Butts out of the fridge sprinkled on more rub. Got my chimney lit.

  16. It's a little chilli this morning so may take a minute to get to tempature

  17. just got them in. And we are off.
  18. Nice smoke going...
  19. Since these are my first butts have been nervous. But so far so good.Just checked IT at 4 hours. Made it out of the temp danger zone. Gonna add more charcoal for the first time
  20. Forgot to add picture


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