1st pork belly and burnt ends

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Sep 30, 2016
South central PA
Had a turkey breast I wanted to smoke, and some pork belly we picked up on clearance(each about 1-1.5 lbs), so everything was smoked. The turkey was done with the rub I posted summer 2021, I think, with some apple wood in the WSM. About 5 hours in, it was ready and delicious.


Now on to the focus: the pork belly. I’ve never done pork belly before. One piece I let cook to around 190, let it rest, and then sliced it for sandwiches and maybe tacos later this week.


There was definitely more than this but I got ahead of myself packing it away before realizing I wanted a pic.

The second piece was taken off around 155 and then cubed and seasoned with some Barnyard dust. I know a lot of recipes say to cube prior to smoking but I was doing about 20 other things and this was when I had a chance to cube it. The cubes went back on until around 180, and then I covered them in a mix of butter,Sweet Baby Rays, and some honey until they reached 190.

Now I know what everyone raves about when it comes to burnt ends. These things are awesome and go down way too easy! I told my wife we’re going to need to pick up more pork belly. I think I’ll need to step up to a full size belly😁


Thanks for looking!
I did my first run of pork belly burnt ends a couple of weeks ago. Family raved over them. All of your cook looks excellent!
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