1st Brisket Smoke

Discussion in 'Beef' started by arnie, Apr 16, 2010.

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    I sprinkled Rub very liberally on this 18 lb packer, put it in a bag and put it back in the fridge for the night

    I put the brisket in the AmeriQue before I headed to work around 6:30 AM Friday morning knowing I had a full day and would not return home before 9:30 PM. I was a little anxious about it, but I really wanted to try it.
    I set the cook temp to 200 and the probe temp to 190 and as Ron Popeil says set it and forget it
    5:30 AM Saturday morning, Per the AmeriQue it had kicked into hold 50 minutes ago and the brisket has cooled to 145.
    Time to come out! The temp probes feel like they
    re in butter and it looks good!

    I let the brisket sit in the cooler for 3 hours before I separated the point from the flat and began cutting it up. Still nice and juicy with just a hint of pink

    The dinner plate has all I was able to slice. The rest of it fell apart. The point was particurally tender
    The tub in the back is the discard pile
    22 hours smoke time. I thought the smoke flavor was a little light. The Misses liked it just the way it was, which was a huge improvement from her first comment “Eeewe! It looks like a big piece of charcoal!”
    Not bad for a first try.
    Now that I’ve read this month’s Smoking Meat Newsletter I’m ready to try it again to see how much I can improve on it
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    Good job, Arnie! If the Misses liked it, then you hit a home run.
  3. May all the feature briskets be as good[​IMG]

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