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  1. Living in northeastern Michigan I wanted to have my smoker insulated but was told the fiberglass that's currently in fridge along with any sealant needs to be removed or it will let off toxic vapors. What are my options
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    With a fridge that old it's a good idea to rip it apart and start new.

    I am just getting my latest fridge conversion back together this week and when I opened it up it was full of cardboard insulation.

    Also a good idea to take the fridge apart to seal any holes and remove any plastic or refer lines.

    Old insulation might be OK to leave in, but will likely smell when heated up.
  3. yeah I'm going  to remove all insulation and adhesive. Looks like old fiberglass. just really wanted to have it insulated for efficiency. I also wanted to use the inner steel tub and plug any holes I come across. It seems a lot of these are used on this forum. Do all these others have insulation or no. I've read a lot of these builds but they aren't  very specific about this topic. any help or input would be great. thanks a lot!
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    Yes, you can/should replace the insulation. I recommend Roxul or some other kind of rock wool, but others have had sucess with just using new fiberglass insulation. Good luck!
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    From the builds I have seen, some use unbacked fiberglass with no problems, just make sure it doesn't have the paper backing, that will smell, plus it has an adhesive to make it stick to the fiberglass thats not real good for you.
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    Go with roxul insulation f you can.and don't do what I won't admit to doing and buy the ones for 2x6 studs. Pay attbtion and get the one for internal 2x4 studs. Less to trim to make the old tub fit back in again.
  7. Thanks for the info the search is on [​IMG]
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