15 lb shoulder finally done. With Q-view. :)

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  1. Smoked for almost 10 hours with Stubb's briquettes and hickory chunks (ran out of chunks and made an emergency run to Dollar General for some chips *thanksBabe), then into the foil pan (covered with HD foil and add apple juice) and into 225 degree oven overnight. It literally just came out. :)

    Waiting for it to cool down a little so I can pull it. Experimenting again with my Frankenstein finishing sauce, the foil pan you see in the background was my impromptu solution for 'How can I get this (assumed...verified) awesome au jus relatively fat free without having to refrigerate it overnight': Half-way through a kitchen renovation, we have a table set to the left of the stove that we store stuff on, and one of the items on it is a huge value-pack of styrofoam plates from Wal-Mart. I arranged my extra foil pan on the stack (used a drinking glass for support on one end lol) and arranged the meat pan so that it was down on that corner, punched a hole in the bottom of the corner, and out it came. When I started seeing fat, I set a cottage cheese bowl under the flow and poured the fat down the drain. :)

    Added about a cup of the resulting awesomeness to the basic finishing sauce (again, credit to SoFlaQuer)...ah, that's what it was missing! lol

    Anyway, promised Q-view. It's started to pull itself; you experienced folks may notice that it is, quite literally, falling off the bones. :)

  2. Looks Great

    That my friend is a large butt!

    Happy smoken.

  3. jarjarchef

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    That is a big ole butt. Looks great!
  4. matt22556

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    Look great!
  5. It's a whole front leg, from blade to hock. :) lol $1.79 a pound, figure it'll feed us for a week, anyway. My last round was appx 10 lbs before cooking, and I gave a lot away, and it lasted a week. Mainly the wife and I eating it...kids these days. They just don't seem to understand that barbecue, especially good barbecue, every night is living 'high on the hog', as it were. :) lol

    Ironically enough, my father has offered fresh garden veggies (a luxury I can't do (no yard)) in exchange, and made the offer while I was off the grid at the grocery store purchasing said leg. Total win-win! :)
  6. That's some purty bark ya got there.

    Saw a smoking show not too long ago and saw the fella season the pork after it was pulled with the same rub he used in addition to his finishing sauce. I tried that on a handful of pork (so as not to mess up the whole thing) and boy it was good! Just sayin!
  7. That's my main modification to SoFlaQuer's base recipe, I use whatever I rubbed the meat with instead of Tony Chachere's. :)
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    Good lookin pork butt!

    Nicely done.

  9. Pulled and done. :)

    Edit to add: I give a hearty Southern +1 to Stubb's Natural briquettes  $7.87 for a 15 lb bag, produced in Brentwood TN (that's funny, cause it's the Beverly Hills of Nashville lol), of all places. Just went out to feed the dog, and I'll be damned if my smoker wasn't still warm. I shut it down at 11 pm last night. So that's an additional 13 hrs of heat? Additionally, you can add them to a lit fire, and at worst you get some extra smoke. :) It wasn't hot, mind you, but was a perfect temp to re-oil cast iron. :)

    Eta 2: Second pic is the 'dog plate', included to show how clean the bones and fat came out. Next time, I'll remove more fat, cause I do <3 my bark. :)

    Eta 3: To the mods: Sorry about the hotlink to Lowe's. I just copied and pasted ETA 1 from my Facebook, didn't really think about it. Sorry, Dudes!  :)
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    Beautiful!  Very nice!


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