120lb butterflied hog

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  1. I need some ideas. Looking for time/temp to do a 120lb hog. I'm gonna have it butterflied, skin on. I'll be smoking it on my reverse flow, 500 gal propane tank custom smoker. I planned on smoking it at 225 with meat side down for 5-6 hrs. Then, skin down for another 10 hrs. I thought I might kick the temp up to 250-275 to crisp the skin for cracklins. What do you guys/gals think? I'm planning on getting an old deep freeze that doesn't work, but is intact, to put this thing in so I can brine it instead of injecting. I can use frozen bottles of water to keep it cool, and I won't have to worry about diluting the brine. Thanks for your input, I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Sorry but dont know anything about smoking a whole hog... But i definitely wanna see the Qviews
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    Dude that sounds awesome. are you gonna apply a rub after the brine? I think a huge amount of meat like that would have to rest for several hours. I have always wanted to do whole hog. what kind of wood you think about using?  Let us know when its ready so we can all come over and sample some for quality control ;) and please post the qview!

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
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    You might consider keeping the temperature around 200-225.... A grease fire from a whole hog is spectacular.... been there, done that.....

    I'd take all the meat off of the skin then do the cracklins... a few at a time.... the skin holds a lot of fat and flash fires could happen...
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    I haven't done a whole hog but I have made cracklins and I don't think trying to get the skin to that point while still on the meat will work. It takes a long time to render all the fat out of the skin and having the skin still on the meat will probably make that take even longer. Like Dave said, do the cracklins separate.

    Good luck. 
  6. Will do
  7. Yes, I'll take it out of brine, wipe it dry, then apply a little evoo to it then rub.
  8. I'm using cherry and apple. Charcoal for heat though.
  9. Ok. Any idea on time at 225? So if I cut some meat off, then put skin on after for cracklins. I'll be putting water pans under for grease.
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    Dave has it right , cook @225*F and for 120lb., it will take appox. 9 hrs. .

    I have an idea to ponder , have your Hog split down the spine. . .makes it much easier to handle .

    Keep the heat as steady as possible and use your thermometers .

    Have fun and . . .
  11. I planned on splitting it, putting each half on different shelf. However, everything else I've read tells me it will take up to 14-15 hrs. How sure are you about the 9 hrs?
  12. oldschoolbbq

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    I mentioned,appox. , each year my friend and I do hog and split the way you though and I mentioned . They come out in

    the 9hr. range .  

    I would plan steady cook and Smoke chamber left closed . You may be surprised .

    Also start a log of your cooks and record all your trial and errors . This will tune you in to the smoker. Each has a different

    personality, and your tweeking will help .

    Have fun and . .  .
  13. Yeah, I keep track of most things I do in competition. However, this is my first hog, and it's a catering gig. I know I should have practiced, but what the heck. No guts, no glory right? I am very confident on smoker, and skills, just want an idea. It sounds like you know what you're doing. I wish someone else would confirm that time. Maybe I'll plan on a 12 hr smoke, and drop temp to 150 if I hit it too early.
  14. Well, thanks for all the help guys. I'll be going for it this weekend and I'll try and provide as many pics as I can. Wish me luck, I just found out that this is for a wedding! Have a good one.
  15. Good luck, hope all goes well.
  16. Thats a nice color on that piggy how did it turn out?
  17. Well, the hog cooked up nicely, the guests were happy, and the host was very pleased with the results!
    First hog cook under my belt, and no problems. It took much longer than 9 hrs, no offense, oldschoolbbq. 16 hrs total.
    I smoked it for 7 hrs at 225, flipped it, then kicked it up to 250+ after a couple more hours. The hams did get a little dry,
    But I mixed it in with the other meat, and it was fine.
    Next time, I'll cut hams free after they reach temp, and wrap them. Thanks for all the advice!
  18. Thanks jcollins, that was only after 7hrs, just before I flipped it.
    It didn't get much darker after that, because I didn't smoke it much longer after that.
    You only need so much smoke, after all. I only put some olive oil and kosher, or sea salt on it.
  19. nice simple seasonings... personally i let the smoke roll the whole time no matter what im smoking.

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