114.5 Gallon Reverse Flow Insulated Fire Box

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  1. Finally made some progress on my new RF smoker over the long weekend.  Got a 114.5 gallon tank a few weeks ago, and let it sit with soapy water for a few weeks before making the first cuts.  I started with cutting out the valves and gauge.  I wasn't worried about precision as the plan was to make the patches to fit.

    After hauling the tank back up to the front yard, I marked and cut the fire box opening and had a good little fire in the rain. (This also involved maybe one beer too many and a rough Monday morning)

    Next was on to the patches. I bent some 3/16 on my metal brake to try to match the curvature of the tank. Then sized and beveled to fit the holes and burned them in. A quick once over with the grinder and you cant even tell it has patches.

    Then I found a cheap trailer on Craigslist as a starting point.  Im not sure if I am going to keep it and modify it or build a new one from scratch, but I was having trouble moving the tank by myself and needed to get it on wheels for the here and now.

    Got the inside firebox cut and welded up, then had a buddy come over to get it in to place.

    My case of mineral wool showed up and I started with the outside skin.

    That's where I'm at for now. Still kinda playing it by ear as far as hinges, handles, vents, firebox door, etc.
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    I like it!!!!!
  3. Got some work done insulating the fire box.
  4. I got the box mostly welded up and decided i was tired of working on it, so I moved over to the CC.

    As time goes by, I have realized that this thing is not as mobile as I hoped. As it sits on the trailer its only about 10% tongue weight. If I take it off of the jack stands, it' really a giant catapult!  Therefore the garage is in a state of eternal mess until I can get it out and clean.  This is 2 edged...makes me want to finish, but keeps me from wanting to be in the garage.  If it would warm up for a few weekend days I could get it outside and clean all the dust...and other junk.

    Got the door cut and made some hinges. Then started on the RF plate.

    Next was cutting a hole for the Stack.  I have not welded it in yet because I'm not sure how to get it out the garage door once its in.

  5. I made some grate runners, and one of the 2 grates.  Not in a rush to build the second, as that can come later.

    This shelf can hold 235 lbs. with no problems...I sat on it to make sure.

    Now its time to go back to the firebox.  I know its not necessary to insulate the door, but decided to go ahead with it as I still have over half a case of mineral wool.  I am putting a little more air intake than the calculators suggested, but with dampers should have more control.  It will have 3" holes on going through the insulated door.  2 on top and 3 on bottom. That means cutting and lining up 15 3" holes.  My best idea was to tack the inner and outer walls together, then tack on the dampers in their open position.  This means I only have to drill 5 holes (3 layers ea.), and they should have perfect alignment after I cut the tacks.

    Hopefully I can get out there and cut the holes tonight and get the door welded up.
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    Hey Procrastinator. Looks good! Coming along real nice. Is that 2" mineral wool you went with? I've been looking around for the best price. Can I ask where you got yours?
  7. It's the 2" soft Roxul AFB Mineral Wool from ATS acoustics. You can cut it with a plain ol' pair of scissors.   I ordered the full case of 6 and it was somewhere around $70 shipped. I only needed 3 batts, but it wasn't much more to get the whole case.
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    Thanks procrastinator. I'll check it out
  9. 40 minutes (and lots of oil) on the drill press and we now have the required 15 holes. As long as I keep everything lined up while welding, this should work well.

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    Be sure to leave a fair gap between the slide and backing so it doesn't lock up with rust and ash....  Support the slide with gaps so junk can fall out....
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    Nice work P !!
  12. Started getting the spacers in place for the insulation.

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    Awesome fab work, I see you got a Hobart. What size is it?
  14. Hobart Handler 187. Pretty sure it's discontinued and the 190 took its place.
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    I sure would like some pictures of how you built your shelf supports and shelves.
  16. Just some tabs welded to the top of the runners.

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    Thanks for the pics.
  18. Made some more progress. Sure is taking a long time!! thought I would be done before Christmas.

    Had another project come up that I wasn't expecting. New German Shepherd learned quickly how to escape from 2 different wire dog crates. Had to build a Houdini-proof model.

    Got the door welded up and hinged. Going to change up the handle situation once I decide what I want.

    Next was on to the trailer. Gathered parts to make a 3500# axle in the proper width. Got that welded up and painted. Then all new 3500# suspension welded on. A couple new radials and we're rolling!  Notched out the trailer for the firebox.

    Then on to the stack. I want the ability to go in and out of the garage if need be, so a sleeve makes for a removable stack. Then a cap for the short end, for rain and travel. Both the sleeve and cap were the old coil spring perches from the trailers old suspension.

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  19. Got a damper put together last night and some holes tapped for the bolts that will hold the removable stack.  The damper and stack all come off together.

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    Nicely done, and beautiful pup and pup jail!


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