1/4 chickens

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Jul 21, 2012
Hamilton, Ontario
Smoked up several 1/4 chicken pieces in the electric. I'd put a rub on it and really wish I could give credit to the person who shared bbq sauce recipe as used the seasonings as a rub. I used baking powder on skin before putting it into smoker.
Used Jack Daniels wood chips and smoked at 240 for 2 1/2 hours. TRansferred onto the charcoal grill on indirect with more wood chips. Nice smokey flavour.

My wife made a small salad and we made a loaf of beer bread.

I made up the bbq sauce from recipe I'd down loaded from here. Whoever it was shared to have available for Labor Day. Good sauce.

Funny part is I commented to my wife that I had added sugar to the "formula" as at first tasted hot. It turns out top part of recipe did not print out. Will try again.

The baking powder trick worked. We'd used it on 1/4 chickens in our air fryer last winter and it had worked wonderfully well.


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Good looking bird! Thinking I'm gonna run some thighs through the kettle Thursday. This working 5-6 days a week is killing my cooking time.
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