wood and charcoal

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  1. M

    Smoked pork shoulder at high altitude

    Hey guys, I recently attempted a 6.75 lb pork shoulder at my house which is around 8,000’ in elevation. Most of the meat I smoke in my char griller offset wood smoker does not exceed 8-10 hours because of the time and effort it takes to maintain a steady temperature. I started my shoulder at...
  2. J

    Seasoned vs Kiln dry wood

    So I’m relatively new to smoking meats and one thing I’ve come across from the “pros” watching YouTube videos is they seem to put their nose up a little at kiln dry wood vs their preferred seasoned wood to 20% water content or so. In your experience does it really matter? One thing I’ve realized...
  3. S

    First time smoker

    Guys hello from India!!! This is my first time smoking meats. I managed to fabricate an offset from an old barrel. And did my first cook a few days back. Used jackfruit wood Chunk's for it was we don't easily get hard wood chunks around. I am a bit confused on how to go about it. Would be...
  4. D

    Any feedback on the Hark Texas Pro Pit?

    G'day Being a decent all rounder on Charcoal/Kettle/Gas burners, i've been looking into offset smoking. Ive been there done that with a very cheap smoker to figure out very quickly that this is a "you get what you pay for" in terms of budgeting/cutting corners/cheap mods. I've looked at the...
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    Building fire with wood and lump charcoal

    I've been using a big Green egg for years and years. But I'm still not sure how to best build a fire using smoking wood and lump charcoal, i.e. how to arrange in fire box. Also when using a fire monitor I.e. BBQ Guru, is it better to use the guru from first starting the fire and let itwood bring...