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  1. M

    Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker with Broiler. vent question

    the smoker i just purchased has dual adjustable vents on the top. but the way they are installed they do not close completely.. (they only go to 50% then stop both vents) is this normal for this model. ive tried looking it up and searching other forums but have found nothing.
  2. H

    Smoker doesn’t have vents

    Hey everyone, I’m new here and just bought a used vertical charcoal smoker. I spent very little money on it and it’s by no means a top of the line smoker! It’s not exactly a super tight seal but what really worries me is there are no vents to control how much air gets in. My friend has a WSM...
  3. tig65

    help with vents on 250 gallon RF

    I have been building a 250 gallon RF smoker the past few weeks and have almost everything ironed out except the vent for my firebox. Since my fire box is a 30” dia 1/2”thick pipe 32” long I can’t easily put vents on side of pipe leaving all vents to the door side. According to calculation I need...
  4. T

    Beginner needing advice on smoking in bad weather, any help would be appreciated!

    Hello all, So I've been interested in cooking (with a bigger interest in meat) for a while now, and I love BBQing. Today, my first smoker arrives! I have a landmann kentucky smoker arriving (I know it's not the favourite smoker amongst the pro's but it'll do for a beginner), and honestly I CAN...