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  1. pbrown86

    IBBQ-4T vs ThermoPro TP25

    Looking for inputs. I need a new meat thermometer. Based on where I monitor the temperature bluetooth distance shouldn't be a problem, but wifi would work too. Mainly just want a product that will last (and is in the price point of the IBBQ-4T and TP25). Anyone have experience with both?
  2. MetalHeadMeatEater

    ThermoPro T20 random shifts in reading

    Hey SMF community, I wanted to see if anyone knows what my issue might be that I'm running into. Took my WSM22 on its maiden voyage yesterday, and ended up with an amazing pork butt (all thanks to the amazing masters here on the forums!) And it was partly due to the awesomeness of the T20, but...
  3. thermopro

    Sponsored ThermoPro Prime Day Deals Up to 35% OFF - Starting July 16th

    Hey Everyone! We really appreciate the users here, you guys have been good to us. So we thought we'd let you know about our awesome Prime Day Deals that are upcoming starting on July 16th! I'd also be happy to answer product questions if you have any or any other questions you have like my...
  4. ShinyFirefly

    Father's Day Pork Shoulder

    The hubs wants two smoked pork shoulders today so I was up at 8:00 getting the cooker going. They are both about 3.5 lbs. I slathered with some mustard and then I did my rub in two layers. First is a my basic rub of coarse sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, Hungarian paprika...
  5. trillo15

    Possibly looking for a new thermometer

    Hey Guys, I just started smoking about a year ago now. I use a propane smoker, as here in Northern Canada, wood for a stick burner is next to impossible. I also have a ThermoPro TP-08. I read alot of reviews on it before purchasing it, and 98% of them were great. I also liked the idea of...
  6. trillo15

    ThermoPro TP-08 Probe Issues

    Good Evening, I purchased the TP-08 on Amazon last summer as an upgrade from the cheap digital thermometers that I had before. I use my smoker probably about once a week/two weeks. I have found that I am having repeated probe issues, especially with the smaller BBQ probe, and have had to...