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  1. chopsaw

    Summer sausage and sticks from trim .

    I saved the clean trim from the beef knuckle I posted the other day , and also cut up a side section . Same day I ground a brisket and a pork butt . Used 1 pound of the pork and added it to 3 lbs. of beef I had . So Sirloin , brisket and pork butt . I used an AC Leggs summer sausage kit I had ...
  2. A

    MB Gravity with sticks in the hopper?

    Have an MB560 for a few weeks now and not getting as much smoke flavor as I would like. I have some split hickory left over that's in 12" or shorter pieces that are 2" by 3" or smaller. Had the idea to put those in the hopper vertically like columns then surround them with kingsford. Has...
  3. SmokinAl

    Jalapeno cheddar snack sausage - qview

    I made this sausage a few weeks ago, but with just cheddar. I wanted to do it again with diced jalapenos & cheddar. Here's the recipe I used. Al’s cheddar jalapeno snack sausage                                                                            Total cook time: About 10-12 hours 3...