st. louis cut

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  1. F

    Vaccuum Sealing in the middle of a rib cook.........when? Should I?

    Hey smokers, my question has to do with partially cooking ribs and then freezing them half way through the process. Previously I have smoked my St.Louis ribs for 3 hrs, then ovened for two, then froze them until I wanted to eat them. When I smoke I smoke a lot at a time and freeze for later...
  2. Hambone-Hambone

    Post smoke pellicle

    So I smoked my ribs for 6 hours, got a great smoke ring, no pellicle formed, I fixed the issue and it won't happen again. My question is this- Can a pellicle form @ 250° in a standard oven? (I know I can get it to form if I throw it back on the grill, but I was hoping to just do this the easy...
  3. masssmoke

    Game Day Ribs, dealing with windy conditions

    Wanted some spares today, so I decided to go for it despite windy conditions here in the Providence RI area. Set up the Pitt Boss as best I can to block the wind and here are the ribs rubbed and ready
  4. klower181

    1st time smoking ribs( ps I dont know how to delete it and put it in the right thread)

    Let's see how I do it being my first time smoking ribs and domt have the best smoker but hay a free smoker is a free smoker lol