smoked cheese

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  1. babydoc


    The 1250 got some new hardware. As it gets a little cooler, we’re gonna try out some smoked cheese!! Runs about 100 degrees lower than the CC above and much lower below. Had the pit set to 400 to burn it in. The vent is located right in the middle of the box, so we’ll have to see how she...
  2. How To Smoke The Most Amazing Cheese

    How To Smoke The Most Amazing Cheese

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  3. ald73008

    Smoked Cheese, 10yr evolution, self-built

    When I first learned of cold smoking, I was intrigued. My buddy has a big smoker and does brisket, turkey etc, so I wanted to bring something different to the table. Tired of paying inflated prices for fake spray on flavored cheese at the store, I wanted to see if I could do it. I made my first...
  4. Brokenhandle

    Smoked paprika cheese nuts

    What are smoked paprika cheese nuts you ask... I don't have a clue! But I did cold smoke some paprika, cheese, and mixed nuts back in January when it was warm still! Ambient temp was 31 degrees F, warmed up the smoker a bit then cut heat, smoker ran right at 41 degrees with nothing on for heat...
  5. daveomak

    It's time for cheese.......

    I've depleted my cheese supply... For some reason the last month has been, "I want some cheese" type appetite... Funny how that goes in spurts... Soooo, here it is.... I really like Tillamook... Great cheese, lookin' to get better... Cold, thin blue smoke.... Looks good... Nice, light...
  6. THutson67

    Jerky morning, cheesy afternoon

    This was my Thursday. Jerky, about 2 pieces left and the cheese is sitting in the fridge (tightly plastic wrapped in a ziplock) until the 24th... So I have no idea how it came out yet. That 7 day wait is a bummer! Store brand cheese, cut longways, Swiss, Mozzarella, and mild cheddar. Hope it...
  7. escopeton

    Smoked cheddar and mozzarella

    My first attempt at smoking chees.
  8. disco

    Smoked Cheese, The First Batch of the Winter

    A couple of weeks ago, the temperature dropped here in the Canadian Rockies. It was time to smoke cheese! Last year I didn't do enough cheese and I was totally out! I wanted to try a different smoke. I have always thought that oak whiskey barrel smoke has a medium but true smoke that would be...