smoke generator

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  1. K

    Masterbuilt smoke generator has creosote buildup

    Hi all, I have a Masterbuilt smoker with the little add-on smoke generator on the side. There is quite a bit of black buildup in the generator which i assume is creosote? Is this normal and does anyone know what I could use to clean it? Like a solvent of some sort? Thanks! Ken
  2. G

    New smoke generator from scrap

    Made this NYE for some bacon and shoulder.
  3. L

    Pellet stove turned "smoke generator"

    Here's a couple of pictures of an old Whitfield Pellet stove that I turned into a smoke generator. I installed a 200 ohm rheostat on the power to the exhaust fan so I could turn the speed way down. I also modified one of the side windows on the door so that I could have a sliding air vent. This...
  4. un4gvn1

    Test Bird

    I decided I needed "proof of concept" with the smoke tube & Traeger combo. Picked up a 12lb "nothing special" bird a while back. It's been thawed for at least a few days, so, Sunday was the day. Spatchcock, I didn't brine this one simply to keep things easy. Spice prep was Garlic Lover's...
  5. un4gvn1

    Homemade smoke generators, pics & ideas...

    I posted a while ago with pics of the "first generation" home-built tube, I've refined the design slightly, and added a "foot", so it's time for more pictures. The reason this tube came about is the surgeon who worked on my knee is retiring, over the last ten years we've kinda become "buds...
  6. chef jimmyj

    The history of the AMNPS and why you need one.

    Todd Johnson owner of A-MAZE-N is a long time member. Several years ago he had a gen 1 MES. Todd observed 2 problems with the design. You have to reload chips every 30-40 minutes, a PITA, over a 16-20 hour cook, and the unit made no smoke at temps lower than 180°F. No way to cold smoke meat or...