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    Bo's Meat

    Hi everyone - My name is Bo and I am new to this forum. I am from Dallas, TX and love all things BBQ. I even have an Instagram account dedicated to #meat called @bosmeat (it was originally called @picsofbosmeat as a joke lol)... Anyways, I have primarily smoked meat on my Traeger, but have been...
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    IM thinking of converting my gas grill into a smoker as it maintains an optimal smoking temperature of 225 when burner is set to low. my only challenge is how to incorporate the smoke, i tried many other options around the web such as pellet tubes and smoking boxes, but they arent the best so...
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    How much to Smoke - Cold Smoker Attachment

    Hello everyone, I bought the cold smoker attachment for the MES and was curious on how much smoke I should add? Using the chips before, they would burn out so fast and so little amount, I was not worried about adding too much smoke. But with the cold smoke add-on, it really produces a ton of...
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    Wooden Smoker Build - Choriso.

    Hello, I am planning on a building a cabinet smoker out wood - North American Pine. Something like the images uploaded here (which I may have got from SMF). Approx dimensions: Height - 6 ft Width - 4 ft Depth - 2 ft Heres my question, I need advice and suggestions with regards to the smoke...