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  1. gmc2003

    Pork Shoulder Kettle Style

    Well, it was my weekend off and I found one of our local grocers selling shoulders for .99/lb. earlier in the week. I bought one and decided to let her ride on Saturday. It was a good size weighing in at a little of 11.5/lb. Fairly well trimmed also. I left the fat cap on and just scored...
  2. R

    Not enough smoke

    Hey guys, I completed my 3rd smoke on my WSM yesterday. 6 pound butt at 225-250 with hickory and Apple wood. My temp was very consistent and I really only had to touch the bottom vents after getting my meat on once. After IT hit about 130/140 I noticed that I was not getting that thin blue smoke...
  3. ace_3s

    Pulled pork - trimmed and deboned vs. untrimmed

    Hello all, I usually purchase a shoulder that's been trimmed and tied by the butcher. This time, he wasn't in so I bought 2 five-pound untrimmed shoulders - with the fat/skin and bone intact. It went well. Probably due to the fat/skin layer (which I had on top), I didn't even notice the stall...