santa maria grill

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  1. SmokinAl

    SANTA MARIA rotisserie turkey

    Our Grandson is coming today for the week, he is a chef & will be bringing a rack of lamb from his restaurant, for our Thanksgiving meal. It's a dish they make at his restaurant, so he's making some kind of Greek veggies or salad or something to go with it. I love lamb & this will be a real...
  2. SmokinAl

    Rotisserie Babybacks!! Adam made me do it!!

    I bought a rotisserie attachment for my Santa Maria rig on my kettle. The first thing I made was a chicken. I only took one photo, but it turned out really good. Tender & juicy with a slight hint of hickory smoke with nice crispy skin. After seeing Adams post about spinning ribs, I just had to...
  3. SmokinAl

    Texas hot links on my NEW TOY!!

    Well thanks to @ammaturesmoker I finally bought a Gabby's grill Santa Maria attachment for my Weber kettle. About all I can say is "Why did I wait so long". This thing is really cool! It's very well built & is a lot of fun to use. I had to season it first, so I thought as long as there is a fire...
  4. tx pitmaster

    Hello from Carrollton TX.! (i'm into Santa Maria style smoking)

    Hi everyone..! I'm Ron, and have been a smoker 'dude for about 25 years. Born, raised and lived in Long Beach CA for over 61 years.. and now in Texas. (Whoa.. what a difference in climate!) I first started with a propane smoker, and then moved on to a Treager and WSM's (2 of 'em). I moved to...