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  1. C

    Maiden rack of ribs

    Just did my first cook on my GMG Peak, 4hrs at 225. Had them bone side down for the first two then wrapped with fresh maple syrup & brown sugar meat side down then open the foil up for the last hour to keep the juices in and little bbq sauce.
  2. mtr2178

    Smoking my Ribs

    Question on smoking ribs…. I typically put my St. Louis ribs in with just salt and pepper. 3 hours, then a bath, and a final coat of BBQ sauce and sear on grill for some crust. The other night, I put a good dose of dry rub on prior. Did a 2.5 hour smoke, bath, then sear. Ribs had good...
  3. chopsaw

    Pulled pork and some spares

    Did this the weekend before Memorial day . Had a small hunk of a pork butt I saved from making sausage . I saved it to make a ham , but decided to smoke this one . About 3 lbs , no fat cap . Had a 3 pack of full spares from GFS . The pack date on the ribs was 2 days before I bought them , so I...
  4. standard jones

    Pit Boss Copperhead 5

    Good Morning - So I bought the Copperhead 5 last week and had a chance to do some ribs in on Sunday. Overall I'm pleased with this unit. Yes there are temp swings but it had no effect on the finished product. I found that the swings were more controlled running at 250*. Enjoy some pics of...