pulled beef

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  1. cardsfan

    Superbowl Chuckies! (with Q view)

    Smoked 2 chuck roasts for sammies on SB Sunday. Started with simple beef rub, salt pepper, garlic and onion powder. Smoked at 275. After 5 hours they stalled at 156. Wrapped them in foil and placed them in the oven at 275 until they probed tender at an I.T. of 204. Let them rest for 3 hours...
  2. disco

    Pulled Beef Sandwich

    I love pulled beef. It is a piece of chuck that is slow smoked until very tender and them pulled. I have learned to pull beef and mix it with some sauce and grilled onion to make great sandwiches. This is how I do it. Rub a 1 kg (2.2 pound) blade, chuck, or cross rib roast with your favourite...
  3. loosechangedru

    Beef barbacoa tacos a la Co4ch D4ve

    I saw this recipe by Co4ch D4ve the other day, and Aldi had a decent sale on chuck roasts, so I picked up 7 of them - 5 for the freezer, and 2 to see what those pictures tasted like! This was also the first chance I've gotten to run high heat in my WSM with no water pan. Worked great. A little...
  4. loosechangedru

    Pulled Beef and Pork, and Ribs for the family

    My family (7 adults and 2 kids) is going to Blue Ridge for an extended weekend, and we've divided meal duties amongst different family members. As fun as it would be to run my 18.5 WSM at our cabin rental, I don't think it would outweigh the pain of traveling with it in a Prius. I decided to...